JWA Battles 7

Something is slithering in the grass, a poor Monostegotops does not see it coming. A Spinoconstrictor lunges forward and begins constricting it. It was about to meet its end when a Diloracheirus slashes the snake and it lets go while Monostegotops runs away. Diloracheirus roars as if to say, “Don’t you dare hurt another dinosaur, pick on someone your own size.” Spinoconstrictor hisses back, saying, “Stay out of my way or you will be lunch.” Diloracheirus charges forwards and slashes Spinoconstrictor, but it dodges with an Evasive Wounding Strike and bites Diloracheirus as hard as it could, but it was immune to damage over time so both the Evasive Wounding Strike and the Wounding counter did not affect it much. It then pounces onto Spinoconstrictor pinning it to the ground while it repeatedly bites its head. However, Spinoconstrictor uses its tail and smacks Diloracheirus off while ending off with a Precise Rampage to Diloracheirus’s spinal sail. Diloracheirus lays on the ground, seemingly dead. Spinoconstrictor slithers away, but Diloracheirus was actually healing itself. It was just a lesser group heal, so the healing was not obvious and not fast. As Spinoconstrictor continues hunting for prey, Diloracheirus bites its tail and flings it away. Spinoconstrictor gets up fast and before Diloracheirus could attack again, Instant Distracts it. Diloracheirus tries running away, but Spinoconstrictor bites hold of it. However, Diloracheirus is too strong and manages to escape its grip. While it heals up , Spinoconstrictor chases after it. When at full health, Diloracheirus attacks Spinoconstrictor repeatly, but it keeps dodging and eventually Diloracheirus gets tired. Spinoconstrictor seized this moment and wraps itself tightly around Diloracheirus, squeezing its life out of it. Monostegotops however comes to rescue it. It seems to be the end, but Spinoconstrictor Instant Distracts Monostegotops while it finishes Dilocheirus. With its remaining strength, Spinoconstrictor lands a Evasive Wounding Strike to Monostegotops while it runs away, leaving Monostegotop to bleed to its death.

Spinoconstrictor would have definitely won, even against two opponents after it got a buff. Poor creatures like Monostegotops would never stand a chance with the bleed. ( It tested on JWA Toolbox,I made Spinoconstrictor fight Diloracheirus and in the next fight against Monostegotops, reduced its level to 18 ( it lost health to Diloracheirus)




Oh this is a game battle

Not quite, the stats are modified by me to make it more realistic but over all the moves that the creatures has are what it uses in this battle

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And for more reliability on my results, I check on JWA toolbox after I am done writing

YES TY i been reading all the jwa battles


Super. It was amazing!

Part 8a is out

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Can’t see it