JWA Battles 8a

Alloraptor sniffs something in the air, it follows the scent to a quiet corner of the forest where it finds a Scutophicyon feasting on a dead Skoolasaurus. Alloraptor hides in the bushes as it strategizes on how to attack Scutophicyon. Alloraptor then decides to take Scutophicyon head on, seeing that almost every part of Scutophicyon’s body is covered with thick hide. Rushing out of the bushes, Alloraptor lands a good bite to Scutophicyon’s neck. Scutophicyon was stronger than it looked and knocked Alloraptor off. It then shows its true power, biting off Alloraptor’s leg, but Alloraptor was fast to react and dodges the attack. Alloraptor runs off into the forest while Scutophicyon grips its leg, No Escape style. However, Alloraptor was immune to it and kicks Scutophicyon in the face and runs off. Scutophicyon chases after it but being slower, it eventually loses sight of the Alloraptor and as it was about to return to continue feasting on the Skoolasaurus, Alloraptor jumps out of nowhere and brutally bites Scutophicyon’s head. Scutophicyon uses its paws to swipe at Alloraptor, but Alloraptor bites tight.and nearly rips off Scutophicyon’s head but A good paw swipe to Alloraptor’s face knocks it off. Scutophicyon then pins Alloraptor to the ground and decides it is time for it to get its revenge for Alloraptor attacking it. It lands a Revenge Fierce Impact to Alloraptor’s chest, but Alloraptor pushes Scutophicyon off and slashes its eyes. Scutophicyon had enough and does a Revenge Protection, hardening its armor. Alloraptor tries to attack but barely any damage is dealt to Scutophicyon. It decides to end this, pouncing onto Scutophocyon and biting its head as hard as possible, breaking any armor and shield ( Rending Takedown ). With all its might, Alloraptor begins to pull and eventually rips Scutophicyon’s head off. Scutophicyon falls to the ground and dies. A pack of Compsognathus had been watching and intends to steal this prey, but a roar from Allorapotr sends them running away. The roar however attracted another dinosaur…

  • Velosrhacos
  • Phorusaura
  • Monolometrodon
  • Rajakylosaurus
  • Edaphocevia
  • Grylenken
  • Indoraptor Gen 2
  • Tryostronix

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Who do you think will fight Alloraptor


ayy make edaphocevia

8b is out

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Loved it, but I was not able to find it till now. 8b is out probably