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JWA Battles 8b

Alloraptor was feasting on the Scutophicyon it had killed, but its hears something coming its way. It gets ready to attack but it suddenly gets quiet. Alloraptor looks around and decides to continue feast, though not before a Tryostronix burst out a bites Alloraptor. Alloraptor dodges and with its speed, quickly bites Tryostronix at the head with a Distracting Rampage, decreasing its damage, but Tryostronix cleanses itself with a Ready To Crush and increases its attack and critical chance, but Alloraptor nullifies it and decreases its attack once again with a cunning strike, before Tryostronix lands a Fierce Rampage to it. By now, Tryostronix is angry and refreshes itself. Tryostronix’s teeth sharpen, its muscles strengthen. nothing was stopping it from killing Alloraptor. Alloraptor rushes forward to attack but Tryostronix was faster than it a landed another Fierce Rampage to Alloraptor’s neck. Alloraptor, on the brink of death, slashes Tryostronix’s eyes and runs away. Tryostronix doesn’t chase after Alloraptor though and just goes to eat the Scutophicyon remains. However, rumbling distracts it and when it looks back, sees Alloraptor being chased by Edapocevia. It jumps over Tryostronix and leaves it to fight against Edapocevia. Alloraptor had once again used its intelligence to outsmart its opponents and in this case, Tryostronix. Meanwhile, Edapocevia lands a Persistent Ferocious Strike to Tryostronix and increases its attack., showing Tryostronix its deal no damage Ready To Crush is worthless. Tryostronix is still badly wounded from the fight with Alloraptor and refreshes itself once again before using a Ready To Crush. It charges forward and bites down on Edapocevia’s back as hard as it could, nearly breaking Edapocevia’s spine. Edapocevia wants Revenge and attacks Tryostronix with a Revenge Distracting Impact. Tryostronix sees Alloraptor hiding in the bushes and rushes to it, biting its tail and throwing it at Edapocevia. Edapocevia tries to swipe at Alloraptor but Alloraptor Rampages it and runs away again. ( Seriously, why does this guy keep running, must be that raptor DNA ) Tryostronix takes this opportunity to increase its attack and critical chance but Edapocevia gets up fast and rampages Tryostronix…Twice ! First with a Precise Rampage and followed by the Defense Shattering Rampage. Tryostronix then coughs out blood and drops to the ground. Alloraptor sees the situation and runs out, ending Edapocevia with a Rampage. It then looks at Tryostronix and rips off its head. Alloraptor was smart and a smell of Tryostronix told it whether it was dead or not. Tryostronix was actually alive and healing but the play dead did not work on Alloraptor.

Alloraptor main assets that helped it to win was that ( Obviously ) it had 3 rampage moves and it was really intelligent, which helped it outsmart and end both killers. ( It would not have won if it took Tryostronix by itself, without “help” from Edapocevia




If you have not noticed already, if you give me a personal request in the replies, I will try to include it in the story

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The extra Edapocevia came from @Valsa_Sajish

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Nice! One suggestion, for Refresh, you could have told like Tryostronix went to a river nearby and washed its face or something

You could even tell that it took a bath

Sure, I will try that next time if Tryostronix is used again

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Part 9 is out

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Nice job aadithya

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Part 11 will be coming soon

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