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JWA Battles 9

A Phorusaura was just sitting in its nest when something snatches it away from the ground and when it reached a certain height, dropped it. Phorusaura fell to its death, turning into lunch for the bloodthirsty killer, Poukandactylus. Unlike common believe, Poukandactylus, like the Haast eagle, did not eat fish, instead, eating flightless birds. As it swooped down and enjoyed its meal, it heard something coming from the sky. Poukandactylus looks up and sees Stygidaryx swooping down towards it. It does not have time to dodge when Stygidaryx crashes down into it with its dome skull. Poukandactylus dies, but its mate saw everything and flies towards Stygidaryx, wanting revenge. It bites down with a Distracting Impact, but Stygidaryx uses it dome skull to block the attack, receiving no damage. ( Swap in Invincibility ) Though, its damage was reduced, so it did a Cleansing Swoop, pecking Poukandactylus hard, causing it to bleed, before running away to cleanse its distraction. Poukandactylus seeing this, did a Side Flap and cleansed its damage over time. Stygidaryx was flying high in the sky and waiting for the golden timing and when it came, swooped down and smashed into Poukandactylus, but this time, Poukandactylus dodged it unlike its mate. ( Side Flap gives it dodge ) However, since Poukandactylus was not killed, it could easily break its invincibility with a Defense Shattering Counter. Wanting to keep dodging Stygidaryx’s attacks, Poukandactylus did a Fearless Flap, but Stygidaryx saw this coming and did a Resilient Strike to Poukandactylus wing, taking away its dodge. Now unable to fly ( No Escape ), Poukandactylus screeches at Stygidaryx, the same time affecting the other dinosaurs nearby ( Group Instant Distraction ). However, Stygidaryx cleanses it distraction with yet another Resilient Strike. All was lost for Poukandactylus and it surrendered to its fate, but a voice in its head said, " No, do not give up ! Get revenge for your mate." With all its strength, it flap with wings and thanks to its swap prevention resistance, was able to take flight. Screeching as loud as it could to deafen Stygidaryx. The Poukandactylus flies towards Stygidaryx and with its beak, rip holes in Stygidaryx’s wings. Stygidaryx had enough and when they least expected it, did a Lethal Swoop and flew off. Eventually, Stygidaryx got tired and swooped down for a rest. However, with fury, Poukandactylus pushes Stygidaryx into a tree. ( No coughing of blood, it is immune to damage over time ) Eventually, Poukandactylus scratches Stygidaryx to death. It then flies over past its dead comrades, and screeeches as if to salute them.

It was super close and but Poukandactylus would have won as it had cleanse and other than damage over time moves, Stygidaryx only had Resilient Strike and Instant Invincibility.




Part 10 Clash of horns is out JWA Battles 10 Clash of Horns

sorry, i just realized that I posted the wrong winner, will change it now

Nice! I just read it

Poukandactylus did not fly in flocks in my research

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How is this related ? I think you should start your own thread on this but you do have a good point. But why don’t you not pay anything on boost and get them naturally like me.

Also, if you want to complain, do not complain about Ludia, complain about JWA

PS : Give up on PVP and just play events and campaign

PS Ludia, don’t ban him, just write a message to him and tell him to not write in a harsh tone

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I feel bad for people who are banned

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