JWA - Battles Hopeless against Computer


Been Playing JWA for sometime now.

Just gotta say the Battles against the computer opponents are totally out of wack.
I have level 12 epics up against level 17 Normal Dino’s and the Epics get killed in 1 move.

There needs to be some way to choose not to play against the computer opponent - I don’t see level 12 against level 17 as a fair match when playing against the computer.

Battles are so frustrating against the computer - needs re-balancing.



Yes, I totally agreed that battle against AI is the worst thing this game offers. In no way you can beat the computer unless you lose three games in a roll first. It is like rolling you back no matter what you do.


I do agree and disagree. I’ve won games against the AI even when it has better dinos (epic, legendary) and level advantage; this is due to smart play and good dinos on the right moment.

On the other hand i do agree; in higher battle arenas i win and lose battles against players left & right; most fights are very even and super fair which mostly end in either me or my opponent outplaying eachother or making mistakes. Very, very rarely due to unbalanced fights.

The AI on the other hand sometimes dominates me in levels and rarity AND even then i win certain matchups; but sometimes it completely dominates me in every single way where even at dino 1 the battle is already lost. Mostly because either my random dino team has my strong bite but low health / lower level team vs level 18 legendaries with shields and such… I feel like the AI in the higher battlearena’s should receive more adjustments but either way i’m “stuck” at 2100~ points at the moment. My dino team is mixed rarity with everything being +12 (epic) and commons at least 15+. Its significantly harder to rank up (heck, even impossible without more epics / hybrids / legends).

Mostly winning against players; mostly losing againt AI (or winning if it makes a bad play or i have my decent team). I did learn putting epics in your team doesn’t make you ‘op’ ; i’d rather have my lv 15+ commons with good health & dmg vs low level epics or rares. They are still viable! :wink: