JWA Battles Special 1 - Unity is Strength

It was a nice rainy day. A herd of Rinchenias were migrating in a forest. But on the other side of it, another herd, a herd of Oviraptors were migrating too. None of them realised that they were in grave danger.

At the end of the forest, they met. An Oviraptor and a Rinchenia got into a fight. And so did the others. But there were two from each herd, who were just relaxing and spectating. One of the Rinchenia spectators just realized something - the smell of blood. It sneaked away from the herd. But, there was a disaster.

A spectator from the Oviraptor herd too caught the scent of food. They headed back to the forest, the Rinchenia on one side and the Oviraptor on the other. When they reached the place, they saw an Erlikogamma eating a Scaphotator. The Oviraptor did a Devious Strike and dodged, but Erlikogamma uses Precise Pounce and kills it. Afraid, the Rinchenia goes back to the herd.

But when it reached there, it saw a lot of dead Rinchenias and Oviraptors. Besides, the other spectators were also fighting. They did not go to any team, but had their own. And then, at last, the herds realized that they were not alone. They finally realized that the other spectators were Rinchicyons. They were different in colour. The herds then realized one more thing - "Unity is Stength"

So, they stopped fighting and decided to defeat the Rinchicyons. But the Rinchicyons called more of them, and there were totally a hundred of them. There were 50 Rinchenias remaining, but only 49 Oviraptors. They were wondering what to do, while there was a surpise.

The Erlikogamma joined the team of Oviraptors and Rinchenias. They all became friends then. The Erlikogamma was huge, and was equal to two Oviraptors. Now, the Rinchicyons were out numbered, but they fought. They all used Devious Strike foolishly, so Erlikogamma went for Precise Pounce.

Half an hour later, there were 25 Rinchicyons, 25 Oviraptors and 25 Rinchenias, along with Erlikogamma. Now, the Rinchicyons ran away for life. The battle was won. So, Erlikogamma returned to the forest, and the remaining Rinchenias and Oviraptors marched away, in peace and harmony.

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