JWA Battles Special 2 - Erlikogamma's Life

Once upon a time, there lived a male Erlikosaurus Gen 2. As it was the last of its kind, it had no partner to breed with. As it needed to breed, it went to search for a creature. It was going, when it found Charlie the Raptor. When Charlie found it, it too realized that it needed to breed. So they bred and proceeded in the long and difficult path of life.

2 months later
The egg hatched, and a cute hybrid came out. Its name was Erlikogamma. Though it seemed cute, it turned into a bloodthirsty monster. It kept searching for prey. It was a voracious hunter. It killed everything in its sight.

3 years later
One day, during the dry season, the Erlikogamma was starving. It saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex eating in the distance next to the dried up mud hole. Erlikogamma sneaked up to the T Rex, and saw something wriggling in the mud hole. It saw a Titanoboa. As soon as it saw the giant snake, it knew it couldn’t pick up a fight with it.

Erlikogamma wanted to sneak up behind the mud hole on to the T Rex, but the plan was spoiled when Titanoboa’s On Escape Rampage acted up. With a massive screech, Erlikogamma surprised the T Rex which turned from its meal towards it. The Titanoboa rose up to confront the T Rex when Erlikogamma slashed at the throat of it. It fell towards the T Rex, who stamped it.

Erlikogamma attacked with a Debilitating Distraction, and the T Rex used its Fierce Impact, which barely damaged it. Erlikogamma knew that Tyrannosaurus was one more blow away from death. So, when it attacked with a Precise Pounce, the T Rex saw 2 Pteranodons fighting in the sky (Distraction 100%). Then Erlikogamma used a Minimal Speedup Strike to kill the T Rex. Erlikogamma roared in Triumph.

2 years later
Erlikogamma was eating the rare carcass of a Scaphotator. Suddenly, it saw a Oviraptor attacking it with a Devious Strike. But it used a Precise Pounce and kills it. It noticed a Rinchenia hiding through the corner of its eye. But it didn’t want to pick up a fight. It wanted to become friends with the Rinchenias and Oviraptors. So it sat there, enjoying the fight between the Rinchicyons and Rinchenia-Oviraptor herd. But then it noticed that there was one short in the herd, so it joined them. It helped them to defeat the Rinchicyons (See JWA Battles Special 1 - Unity is Strength). Then it came back to the forest.

1 Year Later
Erlikogamma got the scent of a dead carcass of a Hybrid, Smilocephalosaurus. It went to eat it and chased a Deinonychus away. Then suddenly came out of the bushes a Quetzorion, angry and threatening. Erlikogamma roars at Quetzorion, but its aggressiveness kicks in and without warning, pounces onto Erlikogamma and was tearing chunks of flesh of Erlikogamma. Erlikogamma slashes Quetzorion but did not expect it had armor so thick that its claws did no damage. (Long Invincibility) Erlikogamma fearfully runs away, when it sees a Purrolyth.No wanting to pick up a fight, Erlikogamma runs pass Purrolyth, ignoring it, but Purrolyth’s No Escape kicks in and it grabs Erlikogamma’s legs, but Erlikogamma was immune and sliced of Purrolyth’s arm and continues running to find a safe place to rest.

Erlikogamma, wanting to get revenge on Quetzorion, rushes over, and with a single stab to its heart, kills it. An Eremoceros nearby camouflages to not get found by Erlikogamma and when it least expects it, pierces through Erlikogamma’s body. It had just used a strike and run, so escaped before Eremoceros could land another hit. It walks slowly, all it ever wanted was to eat its meal in peace but was force to fight. It drops to the ground and dies. And thus, a brave and mighty soul attained salvation that day.

Most of the Credit goes to @anon89249274, for making JWA Battles 11 Claws of Death
This was done for Rinchenia_Warrior (Was not able to find his name in mentions.)

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