JWA; being unique the worng way

This is in regards to two things JWA does that I haven’t seen in any other turn based battling game; Speed Tie Resolution and Team Selection. In any other game of this type I play; the team I select is the team I use. Whether I win or lose then comes down to whether my team is well balanced, if its members synergise well with each other and if they cover for each other’s weaknesses while playing off each other’s strengths. This is not the case in JWA, because for some unknowable reason Ludia decided to make team selection random. You have 8 dinos, then 4 are randomly chosen, giving you around 60 possible team compositions and making realisting strategic team building impossible. But then, despite Ludia’s apparent love of rng, they then DONT apply rng to the one thing that it would be acceptable to be applied to; speed ties. Speed ties are resolved in this game by both players frantically spamming the button in the hopes that their app loads and transmits to the server faster than the opponent’s. This is ridiculous. In any other game, a genuine speed tie is resolved on a 50/50 chance, and while rng is in general the worse way to resolve effects, it is less overt and makes sense given the equal speed of the combatants. I cannot for the life of me understand why two features, one that should always be in the player’s hands and one that should not be is given the illusion that it is. In short; why are these two the wrong way around?

And cutting in ahead of certain comments which I know will come up; no I do not believe that being able to choose your team of 4 would result in the same 4 over and over again, as this would be easily countered if you knew that was the team everyone was using you would just use your counters. Trying to predict the 4 your opponent would bring (particularly with team preview as in pokemon) would encourage picking unexpected choices. Second; while I would generally hate to see even more rng in this game, speed tie is one area I could understand it being implemented. The frantic button spamming is quite frankly absurd, and give Ludia’s apparent love for rng I dont understand why they didnt just include it here anyway.

I don’t agree on the first point. I like that I have to figure out how to best apply the dinos that were chosen and trying to figure out a good tactic for that battle. Out of the 60 possible teams, i don’t like just 5 o 6 combinations, the rest of them I like them all and I think it gives a fresh way to the battle that otherwise would be monotonous.
On the second point I agree with you 100%. It’s just ridiculous to keep tapping the screen hoping that you have a better wifi connection than your opponent


hi there, can we please see a picture of your team? thankyou!!

But it just adds luck and chance into an area where it should not be. There’s a reason this is the only game that does it; it’s not a good way to build teams. How many people actually build their teams with strategy in mind instead of just picking their 8 strongest because you never know which you’ll get. It means that if your opponent has a perfect counter to your team; it’s not because they made a smart choice having it in the team, it’s just that the rng gave them the counter and gave you nothing. Random team roll prevents you from having dependable switch options in the event of bad matchups, it prevents you from reliably countering threats, and even the randomization of the order of your team prevents a lot of strategic use of swap-in/out abilities. I will contest the idea that a game where you choose your team would be ‘monotonous’, pokemon has had it since gen 1 and has never been monotonous. If you found yourself facing the same team over and over again; it would be a simple matter to build a team that counters it and do well.

Why is that relevant?

It’s a level 21 Ankylocodon, level 21 Diplotator, level 20 Stegodeus, Level 21 Indoraptor, Level 18 Suchotator, Level 19 Sarcorixis, level 19 Pyrritator and level 18 Monostegotops.

to put it in a nice way so that im not flagged for being “impolite”. just gauging your experience since you keep making these threads. i want to see what and where you have been and how powerfull your team is. because this game works one way and thats what your team is. not how its randomly picked. cant say it enough… if your creatures cant cover themselves then your team is to weak.

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  1. i dont like the only-4-dinos team. I like the current system of 8 dinos, and game randomly pick 4.
  2. agree with speed tie problem. i suggest if ludia can change speed tie with randomly 50/50 determine by computer. keep continuously whacking phone screen looks funny and crazy for a game. Also, those with wifi superwifi speed always has advantage (true story… its already happen)
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Before this update, having slow connection sometimes has an advantage due to superiority strike, now it’s completely the one with better WiFi wins. :rofl:

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I have a slower phone/connection speed and I always lose out on the equal dinosaur because of it.

So in other words; completely irrelevant to the topic. Whether my team is made up of all high tier dinos or not; the randomization of teams is something not seen in any other game of this type and for good reason. If I have a team of Spinotasuchus, Stegodeus, Utahsinoraptor and Indoraptor and end up against of a team of Tryostronix, Allosinosaurus, Gigaspikasaur and whatever’s a perfect counter to Indoraptor, would that mean that my team was bad, even if I had checks to those on my team that werent rolled? Random team roll forces you to rely on luck to have a team that isn’t flat countered by your opponent.

You would have a team of 8, and then pick your 4 for a battle, just like pokemon battle spots; you pick 3 from your team of 6.

well guess what?? this is the game.

which other game changes to your liking?

I didnt realise having the ability to physically enact change was a prerequisite to stating one’s opinions on a game. That pretty much invalidates everyone’s posts on any game ever then doesnt it?

everyone has an opinion… thats all it is. its not an expert opinion.