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JWA Bonus Battles #3: Majundasuchus VS Suchotator

This one is for @dan1209

Welcome to JWA Bonus Battles, where we do no research, just make dinosaurs fight! So if a compy takes down an argentinosaurus, PLEASE don’t be mad.

Anyway, moving on, two rare hybrids! Which one will oof? We find out now!

Majundasuchus can be seen sleeping at shore. Out of nowhere, Suchotator crashes the party and water splashes onto Majunda. Majunda roars in annoyance and looks at Sucho. Must’ve been the culprit. Majunda rushes towards Sucho, Sucho doing the same. Majunda heabutts Sucho and knocks him over. Sucho recovers and slashes Majunda, sends him flying and slams him into the ground, then slashes him into a boulder. Majunda recovers, only to be grabbed again and slammed back onto the gound. Sucho attempts to grab Majunda’s neck, but Majunda ducks and bites his leg. He then headbutts him and he crashes into a tree. Sucho grabs Majunda, and takes him underwater, hoping to drown him. Unfortunately, it seemed that Majunda could stay under for a while, and he slashed his horn into Sucho’s eye and breaks free. Back onto shore, Sucho errupts from the water officially tee’d off. Sucho grabs Majunda and and drags him across the ground, and throws him into the water, and jumps after him. Majunda attempts to swim back up, but meets a mouth that grabs his back. The camera shows the shores, and you can hear a crack and see bubbles rising to the surface. Sucho climbs out the ocean and collapses.

Poor Majunda, just got treated like a ragdoll for most of that battle! Stay tuned for the next one.

Next Battle: Spinoconstrictor VS Majundaboa

Who do you want to win?

  • Spinoconstrictor
  • Majundaboa

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Note: Whoever wins the poll will win the original ending.

Battle of the noodles.


here is my interpertation of how the fight would go on

So i want to do a fight between 2 of my favorite rare jwa hybrid

Let’s look at their at their stats
JWA_PressKit_Suchotator (1)
Length:11-17 meters
Advantages:bigger and has longer attack range
Disadvantages:not so powerful bite force

Height:2-3 meter
Length:7-9 meters
Advantages stronger bite force than suchotator,osteoderms
Disadvantages:tiny arms it’s only weapon was it’s bite and the sharp horn on it’s head

a majundasuchus is seen chasing a dryosaurus that had seperated from it’s herd
Meanwhile a suchotator is stalks through the riverbank,ready to ambush any dinosaur that gets too close to the shore,majundasuchus managed to corner the dryosaurus the the riverbank where suchotator was hiding in and before majunda could go in for the kill suchotator strikes out of the water,snatches the dryosaurus,and drags it into the riverbed.majundasuchus,angry after his lunch gets stolen promptly challanges suchotator to a fight,a few seconds laterthe suchotator resurfaces and a figjt between the two ensues.suchotator goes in for a claw swipe
And manage to land a perfect hit on majundasuchus back,majundasuchus roars in agony and bites back at suchotator,but missed suchotator bites majunds’s neck but his bites were too weak to peirce the majundasuchus’s armored scales,majunda bites sucho in the neck and uses all his might to try and break suchotator’s neck. but before he could do that sucho retaliates by using his claw to slash majundasuchus in the face with his claw permanently blinding majundasuchus’s left eye majunda let’s go of his bite long enough for sucho to land a second claw swipe this time hitting majunda’s neck sucho’s claws slashes through majundas neck leaving a permanent scar on his neck,sucho then bite majundasuchus by the tail and started dragging him to the underwater but being part crocodile majundasuchus can survive underwater for a very long time majundasuchus then also bites sucho by the tail and drags him back to land
And after a while majundasuchus started to slowly gain the upperhand by biting sucho’s neck and throwing him at the ground repeatedly majunda manage to injure suchotator enough that sucho can only retreat to the safety of his home(AKA the river),majundasuchus roars triumphantly as he sees suchotator retreat back into the river,and a few moments later the carcass of a dryosaur(the same one that suchotator bitten and dragged into the riverbed a few minutes ago)washed ashore on the side of the river and majundasuchus can finally enjoy his meal uninterrupted