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JWA bug when shooting darts with drone?


I don’t know if this is a bug or if it is supposed to be like this, but sometimes when I’m shooting darts from the drone, there will come a double dart, if I miss with that it’s all fine but, if I hit, I loose the ability to see the aim. This is very annoying as I will have more misses not seeing the aim. It occurs most often with rarer dinos, but there have been occasions with the common ones as well.
The score when shooting for rares will never be very high, as you can’t get a too score with a bit, but this makes the score ridiculously low.

I also would like to say my displease with not being able to discontinue a battle. I would mind losing the trophies like you with loss…

Other than that, loving the game :smiley:


Hey Vargaflicka, our team have been notified of a similar issue like yours, and they would like to gather more information to see what the problem could be. Email our staff at with your support key and more details on what happened to assist them.

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