JWA Clan?

Me and my brother are ruthless on the game, go getters and positive 24/7, looking for a serious clan to reach maxed out alliance rewards and get along with everyone, please INFO lol

Me and my brother are constantly on and are seeking a 24/7 clan where everyone donates and participates in the alliance, were very friendly and easy going, please DM/reply

Check out this section.

Are you still looking for an Alliance??

I am the leader of TheBloodyDinos, and we have few spots available on our team. We are very active and use discord (required). We require all members to be Touranment qualified (on one exception is a members son who had to start game over bc he had phone issues). We have strategies for all Raids (yes even Apex ones). We do Raids many many times throughout the day and make sure that everyone gets the Raids done that they need or want.
If you are interested or have questions you can contact me on discord. My info holly#8902
Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi I’m interested in your clan I send a friend request in discord. I just hope there is still a spot for me please. I hope is not too late.

I never received a friend request on discord. Yes there are still spots open. Please resend request. Holly#8902

Sorry I was busy I’ll go send it now

I sent the Request