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Hey you! Do you think “hmmmm I like 1x things but I wish they were actually good!” Well then I have the creature for you! Here at the Ingen team we have the top dinos that suit customer satisfaction. Like this one, the indorapor gen2 is an alternative take fo everyone’s favorite indo! This dinosaur unlike its gen one counterpart has a move called cautious strike which speeds up, doges, and distracts! “But what if I get slowed? How will I get back on top?”. Worry not young dinosaur due to more genetic modification we created a move that can cleanse and increase your damage for your next attack! Mutual fury allows you to get over those meddling stegos. “But how can I get those dreaded carbonemys?” Worry not this dinosaur like its counter part has defense shattering rampage which can get through shields and armor! “But isn’t this overpowered and kinda making the other dinos useless?”
cut to scene of man dangling over indo gen2 buy yours today and get 10,000 speed boost for a measly some of your mom’s credit card with those 3 last digits.