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Jwa competition rule update

hello. I am updating some of the rules for the jwa battle tournament. see below.


In addition to epic and legendary creatures, rare hybrids are now also allowed to fight. This will give lower level players an opportunity.

Competitor Poll

Since less people than I thought are registering, I’ll let you guys decide if I should decrease the amount of participants. How should I?

  • 16 people (jump right into a tournament)
  • 24 people (same deal but less people)
  • 30 people (stay the same)

(If you would like to register, comment here. Jwa competition!)


I’m still in

sorry about the poll, don’t know what happened.

I just hope I can unlock the epic compy before this starts, but chances are low :sob:
and so its rare, epic, and legendary(hybrids and non-hybrids)?

just hybrids for rare, but other than that, yes.

really? why’s that? would have loved to used compy gen 2 if it proves somewhat useful, but just curious

to make it more accessible but not too accessible

ah ok understandable

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So no epic hybrids are allowed?

I think they are allowed, just no regular non-hybrid rares(so we got rare hybrids, epics, epic hybrids, and legendaries, is that right?)

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I think so

I am still in. I would say tho lower it to 24 peolpe. Also I know we are probably going to have to send Freind requests to one another so my in game tag is

Lol this is real hes my alt