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JWA Concepts: Healing Strike and more!


JWA Concepts

Healing Strike
Deal 1× Damage, Regenerate 10% Of Total Health
Healing Impact
Deal 1.5× Damage, Regenerate 20% Of Total Health
Healing Rampage
Deal 2× Damage, Regenerate 50% Of Total Health Over 3 Turns

Ready To Run
Ready To Run is given to dinosaurs like gallimimus, and possibly indominus.
Ready To Run is a priority, and on activation, you gain a 50% chance to dodge.
If you dodge, you automatically swap, but if you dont dodge, nothing happens.
It might be a useful and more fair replacement of evasive stance, cloak, or evasive strike.

Hit And Run
Sometimes people complain that impact in run doesn’t swap to a good dinosaur, or the dino of their choice, so Hit And Run is the solution!
Deal .5× Damage, Swap to a dino of your choice.
This doesnt need to be implemented into the game, but it’s a concept that could go to some tanks in the game.

What did you think?
Feel free to share some ideas!

Draining attacks

I just had to get this out!
I’m tired of sleeping while thinking about it.
I always know I can share my ideas to you guys!


We used to have a similar move with adrenaline surge (giving both healing and a buff) but Ludia didn’t like it so they removed it :frowning:

I like your ideas about healing moves but they’re a bit of an oxymoron healing-damaging moves :-/

I’m not a fan of hit 'n run switching moves, I’d rather just make the switch and feel the pain (before dealing it back) because of that random element of not being able to select your next creature. I would of course like it if you can choose.

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I actually had a dream once in which I had a unique hybrid of stegoceratops that only had 3 moves, but 1 of those was swapping it for stegocera for 2 turns functioning as swap-in strike and then using 1 of stegocera moves and immediatelly swapping back to its unique hybrid.

Think about how great a move like this would be. You wouldn’t have to have the component dino on your team, only the hybrid would have the ability to pull it into the fight, land two hits and take no damage itself (I mean the hybrid, the mother dino would take damage, but not enough to get killed).

The move could be called Component swap or something like that.

I spend too much time with this game I guess :smile::expressionless: (but no money, which I’m proud of)

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A move that heals a little each turn would be a great way to counter the bleed effect.

Personally I would love to see swap in null as a move, it would be great for countering cloaks/evasive stances.


Yep, this ^^


I’m not a fan of healing abilities, as they tend to just drag matches out even further. A simple healing strike (vampiric strike?) might work but it would have to be a scarce ability.

I don’t like swap-in abilities particularly but a swap-in regeneration that heals what comes in as the replacement might be a nice idea… even with what I said above. :slight_smile:

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I like the concept however the damage/healing should be opposites. So higher damage has lower healing and viceversa.

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Ok, I’ve listened to your ideas, and I’ve made some tweaking to my list! How does this sound?

Heaven Can Wait
After losing 5/6 of total health, damage is increased by 25%, speed is increased by 6, and armor is decreased to 10% (0% if you have little armor).
This move would go to triceratops, stego, or whatever you guys think.

Back Plates
20% Chance to reflect incoming damage by 75-25% depending on the attack.
This was primarily an idea to go to the stegosaurus and all of the stego hybrids, and the stegosaurids.
If the attack was rampage, then it would be 25% damage reflected, or 75%… I’m still mixed about that one.

Instant Snap
Priority. Remove half of opponents health.
cooldown 3.
My brother came up with this idea, so credit goes to him.
This move primarily goes to spinosaurids.
It would cut the opponents health in half, and it counts as an attack.

There you go!
I’m kinda out of ideas…
Tell me if you agree or disagree!

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Love the new ones. Let’s see some more!

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I think they should give a “Passive dodge” to some of the birds to make them useful. They could have a few tiers of passive dodge. “Minor Passive dodge” that is 10%. Regular Passive dodge that is 20% and greater passive dodge that is 30% chance… something like this but not as good as the dodging moves since they have this 100% of the time.

I’m sure the RNG people will have a cow over this… or maybe I should say a triceratops.

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As always, your ideas are the worst ones.

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I think Dodge should have been a passive stat on all dino’s have based on their ability to move (speed rating). It could possibly be an ability that only gives a chance against being critically hit (it would not affect Base damage). I.e. if an attack is doing 2000 damage, 3000 damage on a critical hit, and the Dino dodges she still gets hit but the incoming damage is only based on the original 2000. Since a dodge is based on a dino’s Ability to move a slowed dino’s Dodge chance would be decreased and a stunned Dino has no chance of dodging at all.


@Uomobot At least I come up with ideas. As of now if you look at a lot of the birds, they aren’t all that useful. 1X damage and shields. A passive dodge for just birds and it may make them worth growing at least for those who like the RNG dinos like I-rex, Indo and Mono. I call those the moves where you cross your fingers and hope not to die.


We don’t need more RNG, we need less, Is It too hard to get?
Can you Imagine how infuriating It would be to face a pterosaur that continues to Dodge (even with 10%/20% chance of Dodge, It will happen) every attack?
The indo line (even though unbalanced and unconsistent) can literally win and lose you games by luck, but you have to lose a turn and it can get nullified, a passive chance to dodge would literally kill the game.

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I’d love to see an Immunity shield and maybe some way to buff stats, like Ferox Stike or Speed- up Strike, except for armor or even health

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How about the faster your Dino is the more chance it can dodge incoming attacks to replace evasive stance??


Then you would get the anti-raptor crowd up in arms again.


Raptors are currently useless low HP and their move that mitigates this is counterable by everything I don’t see the problem! Speed creatures are mainly represented by utarinex and dilocheirus neither of which is a raptor


Yeah because we definetely need dodge with High % on spinotahsuchus, magna, pirry, rinex, utahsino, dilo, diloracheirus and many others.
You are probably trolling btw.