JWA connection errors


I have a problem connecting to the game by being connected to the Wi-Fi of my FAC.
I can perfectly connect to the game with my mobile network data and the WI-Fi of my house (secure) or the open W-Fi (and unsecured) shopping malls but impossible to connect with that of my college, which is secure.

This puts me: "We have trouble connecting to our servers. Please check your internet connection and try again. 10059. "

If I was already connected to the game, I played, and I found myself connected to the Wi-Fi of my College, I have the same message but with the error code 41044.

Would anyone have an answer to why the game does not work with those Wi-Fi network in particular and would there be a way to fix it because I already tried everything and it did not change anything.

Thanking you in advance and wishing you a good day, or evening.

Hey Lenora, it’s possible that the WiFi network on your college campus could be blocking connections to gaming apps on devices. You might need to speak with an admin on your campus for further troubleshooting. In the meantime, I would recommend turning your WiFi setting off on your device when you are trying to play the game near your college, so it does not automatically switch the connections. However, doing this could cause additional usage on your device’s data.


Thank you for the answer.
Unfortunately I am sure that it does not come from this network because I also play many other games by being connected to this network including games similar to JWA, completely different, or Ludia.
So I do not think that it is the campus wifi that blocks the game.
Would not there be a way to know what are the different numbers of error codes that we are indicated during connection problems?