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JWA conspiracy theories

Comment your best JWA conspiracy theories here. They can be serious or hilarious. Please don’t offend anyone, that makes me and others sad.
Here’s mine: Ludia finds where we live using the map to locate our house, which is kind of creepy if it’s true


They hid all the Alloraptors from me for Valentine’s day :rofl:
I only found one, the rest were ones I didn’t want, but Utasino is my favorite raptor so I’m ok.


Surprisingly this event the map was not flooded by the legendary creatures. This is good because normally when you get 1 unique your whole street is filled with them and you can’t find the rare or epics you need. But it did make it harder to find alloraptor. I managed to get all 3. The treasure boxes were tough to find though. I managed to get everything today except the green supply drop vday scent.

Conspiracy theories regarding JWA? pretty much everything I post lol, including this!

Conspiracy Theory - The hardest dinosaur to find is the one you NEED!


Since some birds eat snakes, maybe that’s why titanoboa always hides from me

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Isn’t titanaboa big for most birds that dimorph