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JWA Creature and Hybrid ideas: Dino Pets by Miniclip edition Part: 1

Idk if anyone knows about this old and obscure mobile game called Dino Pets it’s where you collect dinosaurs and like in this game make hybrid but you sadly can’t make Super Hybrids and so here are my ideas for JWA that are from this game.
First up the Dilophodocus. Which is by far the first ever hybrid you get on Dino Pets it would look like what it did look like back at Dino Pets but will be a bit more realistic and 3D because it’s Jurassic World we’re talking about but I would like it to have it’s own animations unlike any other creature in JWA as of now.
Thalassodromeus would be able to make the new Dilophosaurus Gen 1 hybrid called the Thalassosaurus. Also the picture of it would be what it looks like in game.
Thalassosaurus would have a redesign from what looks like in Dino Pets it would look like a Dilophosaurus but with it’s 3rd finger elongated and is attached to wing membrane and also has the crest of Thalassodromeus. But the colors would remain the same colors of what it had back in Dino Pets and also will have a new set animations like Dilophodocus.
Here’s my last Non-hybrid for this post and it is none other than the Croco-stork itself Tanystropheus. Yep I would’ve added it into the roster and it would look the picture shown on the card.
and here’s the last creature in this post the Quetzaloch. It like the Thalassosaurus will also get a redesign because the original well it had 6 limbs. It’ll look like Styimolch but it’s arms are replaced by Quetzalcoatlus’ wings and it’s colors will still look like the colors that it had in Dino Pets. I will make more of them soon.

Well here’s the list so you can find what colors are the hybrids in the game Dinosaurs | Dino Pets Wiki | Fandom because for some reason they as a bland picture.