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JWA current state is no longer worth playing for normies

First of all:

The tournament. This is a money sink and only viable to rich players and to those who have too much time in their hands. For an ordinary player, this just lead to diminishing returns as the participation prize is just some puny little gold. For normies - better stay out of it and use the bucks elswhere. In the long run, its a place exclusively for paying players and not for casuals.

Now the standard arena: Apart from the boosts especially the speed boosts breaking the attack vs speed ratio of the game, there is nothing to gain. Literally Nothing! No point in struggling to be above 2500. High arena rank not just dilutes the DNA rewards pool, but it also leads to bad match-ups and more daily quests requirements (1000+ rare dna for example). The best course is to rank down, down to the most easiest to gain incubators because there is no point going up.

Its no longer fun.




Can I ask what a norm player is? What arena is a normal player in?? Honestly the lower the arena probably the cleaner this game gets. Just a lot of sinos to deal with there xd I wonder if normal players are facing boosted trykos that wipe out teams 3-0 lol.

The only person with “too much time in their hands” is you for wasting your time typing up this drivel.

Here is my best team. Am I a normie?

I think I’m a normie. I just play arena to get my incubators and spend my time doing my dailies, otherwise its just collecting dinosaurs for me. Only bought a pack after leveling once to show my appreciation for the game other than that I pretty much stick to the in game rewards. Never done tapjoys either.

But I don’t think JWA is that bad. Just relax and don’t think about competitive fights and you should be fine. Most competitive games require lots of money anyway to stay competitive.

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There’s always hunting :smile::smile:

Running into this is normal…nowdays :joy:

I am not here to defend Ludia (how can u defend the indefensible!). But just to keep the record straight , U do realized a week of daily free cash u picked up from supply stop and Twitter/Facebook is more than enough to pay for the entry fee for tournament right?

I had fun in the tournament battling with creatures I don’t normally use against creatures I do t normally see in arenas. It just lasts too long. These type of tournaments should go for a day, no more. I don’t see how it’s a “money sink” or only “for rich players” more than the 100 cash entry fee is given away for free if you play regularly. When tapjoy had games in it, game cash was so easy to get in large amounts, without actually spending a dime.

I’m not a normie because I use Lythronax
And if you are wondering, a normie is a type of person who uses top tier dinosaurs like Dracoceratops and more.

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I disagree with the interpretation of the open skill tournament. Any person who collected the right dinosaurs, which there are many, at ANY level, could have competed in that tournament. the only barrier to winning was time. It wasn’t about how much money you spent leveling up dinos, it wasn’t even about how much time you spent getting DNA to level up dinos. The level 1 Terror bird could wreck havoc. Did you or did you not have the time and resolve to keep battling and the skill (and luck) to win and not be stun locked by a sino. The only barrier to entry was a measly 100 hard cash. Other than coins there really is little that is ‘worth’ spending hard cash on. The open skill tournament was a fun side car even if I only got the participation prize.

Regarding regular area, my jury is still out on how much fun it is. Before Boosts I was in middle Lockdown. After the botched update I spend a little time in sorna, mostly I think because of lucky wins because of time outs of other players, etc. I got beat back down into lockdown. I was back up in sorna for two battles yesterday, Then got trounced down to 2800 trophies will trying to get a couple of incubators and slowly worked my way back up. Got 2997 trophies on my last incubator, it was a 24 hour. So close to an arena 7 one… So sad.

This morning, while filling my daily I got knocked back down to 2800, but I ended at 2954 before stopping with full incubators slots and daily done.

Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

I consider myself a committed casual. I play when I have time, I don’t always go out of my way to do more, dart more, or seek out things, but I player regularily. My current team. 17 T-rex, 19 Allosinosaurous, 18 Indominous, 18 Utahsino, 18 Proceratomimus, 16 Stegodeus, 17 Suchotator and 17 Dracocertops (yes I joined the dark side. When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die, though I don’t know how happy I am about how it truly plays in my play style). I was unable to exploit the boost sale, but I did the strike tower. Purchased the one time speed boosts on sale, and have collected my dailies, so all of the above dinos have some level of boosts added to them between Tier 1-3.

So I’m holding out optimistic hope that things settle out.

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