JWA Developer needs salary raise

Whoever developed this game, especially the battle mode, needs a salary raise. The battle mode pairing is rubbish full stop. My level 12 dinos fought level 18 dinos and still they subtracted 30 trophies. Well done. Please Ludia, raise their salary accordingly.

I recently face L29-30 dinos while my highest one is only L27, others being L21 and 23-25. A minute ago I faced a L30 Rat with over 4k Rampage damage and over 4k HP.

The person(s) who developed the battle mode is actually most likely a pretty good developer with a decent salary. The person who messed it up by introducing boosts should really not have so much influential power in a game like this, though. Probably just a money thing.
It’s easy to blame developers, but they are just doing exactly as instructed. Bugs, sure, but design flaws are almost never a developers fault.

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True, some newbie probably got the boardroom hot for another moneymaker and as hungry fish in a dying pond they took the bate…

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