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JWA easter scavenger hunt with prizes. open to all who have discord


Hello. I would like to invite ludia forums players to join my JWA scavenger hunt on my alliance discord.
The event will begin at 3pm eastern time on Sunday. You will be given a list of items to find within the game or from home. There are many prizes you can win. This is mostly for USA or even canadian players but if someone else wins then I will try to award something but it is not guaranteed I can help those in far away countries.
The first person to complete the missions for the different categories gets the matching prize as posted on the main page on the discord. Besides that, several prizes are given to random participants. Some people from different alliances have pitched in to increase the amount of prizes given. Come show them your support by having a fun time playing JWA with our community.


thank you for all your support . it is great to meet all of you that clicked on the link

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The invite is expired?

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Hello @Dragonclaw927 It is not easter yet. You may join. Message me if you have cannot join the page.