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JWA enters end-game - what's next?


First of all: There are different definitions of what an “end-game” is. I refer to the one stating that many players have reached the point where they won’t make significant progress anymore.

Ludia is pushing players to get unique dinosaurs. Many casual players probably would never be able to create an unique dino without the darting events, the most recent event almost guarantees a unique dinosaur to all players. After this event we will see more uniques in the arena, even in lower arenas.

On the one hand that’s quite cool. I also benefit from these events, it would probably take me several months to create Erlidom, a year or two to create Tryko. On the other hand a question arises: What’s next?

We reach the endgame, soon there will be nothing much left to do. While this might be nothing new for hardcore lvl 20 players, that entered endgame like months ago, for the community as a whole it is quite “alarming”. I don’t consider myself a real casual, but I also don’t take my joy from farming for months to get 10s on uniques fuses. Making progress gets super hard at a certain point in this game. After this event, me and many other players have ~3 uniques. Not much left to do for me (without similar future events).

Sure, if Ludia keeps pushing, I might create a fourth unique, but if we keep this pace, this game won’t last into 2020. So what can Ludia do about it? Difficult question. Since the game is built on rarity and leveling of dinos, even adding new dinos won’t help that much, since without events it takes months to create them and afterwards it takes months to level them high enough to help your team. They have recently added aliance and global events, unfortunately quite poorly implemented. That’s a step, but it won’t be enough.

All products have their life cycles and it seems that JWA’s cycle is coming to an end. What are your thoughts?


I agree it’s getting near the end when casuals have full unique teams, I see that allot of players will stop playing, we don’t have many playing now BTW if you look at the meter for supply rush gotta be less than 500k but this was L’s plan all along make huge $$$$ in on new movie and then fade. I’ll be surprised if when this one fades they don’t make a new one for the next movie and start process all over again!


At some point, the dino level cap will very likely rise from 30 to 40. There used to be a leader with over 20,000 trophies but nowadays the top 50 are equally good and take a swing at rank 1 every day.

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We haven’t even hit year 1 yet. I don’t think we’ve even begun. There are still plenty if dinosaurs and potential hybrids (even though I’m not a big fan of hybrids) that can be added to the game.

I’m sure that Ludia have plenty of things in store for the game. Upping the player level maybe? Marine reptiles (yes please!)? Time will tell.

Competitive players might grow bored because they speed through it to get the best options but casual players and collectors will still be here. JWA still has a long life ahead of I think.


Different style arenas like Common Only, Rare Only, Epic Only, etc. which broaden the use of the entire library of dinos, instead of everyone focusing on only 8-10 dinos.


This is one of those rare times I wont completely disagree with you, I think theyre giving new players too much too soon and its hurting the game. I dont think youll see a major influx of lower arena uniques though, theyre hard to dart and at low levels you get 11? 13? For a direct hit. It will five low level players a start, mid level players who have uniques either a level or a shot at a new dino and high level players a level (maybe 2). They can introduce new dinos but if they dont broaden whats effective late game its a novelty


It’s only because they changed how trophies are awarded now.


Well, even if you receive less trophies if your opponent has weaker dinos, you will still stack up significantly more over other players if your dinos are superior to all other players. As such was the case back then. One hardcore player better than anyone else. Now, the very best mostly match up with ‘someone their own size’. They can no longer win again and again without taking a loss. It’s more rng based who wins that match. 50-50 chance every match.


That’s indeed a pleasant exception, isn’t it.

It’s true that low lvl player won’t certainly unlock a unique from 0 to 250. (despite it might be possible if they are aware of the trick where you close the app and dart as long as you results are ok). Not directly pushing low lvls into endgame then, but setting expectations very high for futher events. If you can dart uniques early on, I wouldn’t go out for Blue&Co anymore if I was able to fuse an IndoR within 1 month. But that’s another problem I guess.

While low lvls are not directly into endgame, mid lvl players are. The part where you work on fusing uniques gets skipped when you can either fuse 1 unique from 0-250 or finish IndoR and Thor within one sunday.

As much as I am looking forward to create Erlidom, it is not exactly helpful for the future of the game.

@Mitthunder What makes you so sure? Correct me if I am wrong, but last time I played PoGo, there was still the same lvl cap after 2 years or so.


Show me those casuals with a full team of uniques, please. I’m a very dedicated player and I barely made my third and fourth two weeks ago. Making the best of efficiency outside and during events…


It’s not gonna happen in PoGo because it was designed in a way that now makes leveling past lvl40 not possible to do. It would mess up the game’s mechanics. Maybe look up some info about that. In Alive, there’s nothing like that standing in the way.

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I been playing dedicated and have 8, 6 of which a few fuses of lvl 25 lol! with events like this weekend bulk attempts and the fact you can force close app to reset darting if you mess up allot of people are gonna have uniques even if they play casualy. Gonna be hilarious with all the people with an erlidom but no lvl 20 erliko


I tell from what I saw being in the top 25 since almost the beginning.
Your comparison with trophies amount before is just false. It’s like comparing oranges and roses because they are organic.

There are many hardcore players out there. We compete for the same spot and our team aren’t so different. This factoring rng too is lowering the win percentage even for top teams.
When you win 15 trophies a game and lose 50, your win% has to be over 75% to barely progress. Not easy and that’s why nobody can take a huge advantage. One or two bad games set you way under you were 5mins ago.
Things were really different in old system.

I don’t see any cap level rise anytime soon. It’s like the one who predicted one for pogo 2 years ago…still waiting :thinking:

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Yes I agree, its a lot harder now. If the trophy system today was in place back then, the difference wouldn’t have been that big(like 28,000 trophies at one point). I meant to say it would still be significantly more(like 1000 with a crazy amount of battles) as that one better player was winning 90%+ of the time. And obviously its all equalled itself out over time to the level cap.


People and her stupid and fraudulent coincidence is an unfair game! we catch heavy epics and the increment is 6x by 10 DNA, in my opinion an abnormal fraud by humans


Totaly agree.

Have tryed to say that for a long time aswell.

YOU NEED to use the dinos in other ways!
Just battle after battle after battle becomes boring in the end.

The dinos need a function.

Like interacting with other players dinos IRL.

Another cool idé could be to make your own hybrids.
By adding any of the available dinos DNA and mix them with different %, you could make a own dino. You could use abilities from 1-5 skills, and if you take the most powerful skills you could only take 1 other. If you take 3 skills, you would have a more tactic dino.

In this way you will let the players be more interacted and let them combind uniq dinos. Would love to see posts about cool combinations.
Maby a few % from croco for the pinning and maby a few % from a Raptor with fast speed and maby then with lower life.

I think the game have potential, but the game itself was not ready for the launch last summer because of all the nerfs and changing in the basics of how we play. This has upset players.

Aswell. I play less then ever because of this SWAP-IN-RAMPAGE.




I’m not so sure the game is doomed yet, but I have hit a bit of a wall myself. I’m a level 20 player with 9 Unique dinosaurs. I used to be allll about the Arena - I was even ranked (near the bottom) at one point. The reset in January destroyed me, and I never recovered.

Since then I’ve just been going on long losing streaks with the occasional win sprinkled in. It got to be so frustrating that I quit battling weeks ago. The daily DNA reward is still not enough to make me want to go back in. It is absolutely infuriating at times. I regret letting my Alliance down, but that’s about it.

So if I’m level 20. Made most of the Uniques. And quit Arena, what am I doing? I still like hunting and building up my squad, but it seems pointless now. The whole thing was building towards a solid Arena team. And I have a great one that I don’t even want to use anymore.

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Real Casual players… and anyone above 4k trophies isnt really that casual… just because you dont spend money doesnt mean your casual. Took a huge nose dive shortly after the alliance rush event. I can say with confidence as someone whos ran a casual alliance since they were added the recent trophy reset led me to the most inactive kicks ive ever done. I was actually quite taken back that sunday after the reset and the last day of alliance missions I had 20 people still at 0 trophies.

Considering before this 5-7 was the most inactives Ive found after a reset that was a rather scary increase.

Your conclusion is kinda the opposite of that really happens… when casuals get bored they leave… no big loss to them…when the dedicated get bored they complain but stay because to quit means all that money they invested in this game is lost…

When this games population during the best event theyve ran and when alliance missions are kinda fixed is atleast 12k lower then it was 4 weeks ago you got an issue.

Two weeks ago i could have said Ive never seen this games pop drop below 52k on galaxy gamer data. A week ago It would have been 51k… this week its 48k…

The leaderboard for the most part hasnt changed… so one can assume its the casuals that are leaving.

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This is true but it is primarily the more competitive players who are willing to spend the time and money to get what is perceived as the best dinosaurs to top level and get to level 20 themselves quickly because they want the better rewards from tournaments and what they see as “winning”.

I think we have two types of casual players in JWA.

You have those who come in and play, but give up because of the time required to play an AR game (grinding… yawn) or the potential money investment, and/or the thumping they get in the Arena meaning they won’t get anywhere.

You also have those who are playing for the pure enjoyment of it. I consider myself one of these players. Whether it’s a love of dinosaurs or for the Jurassic franchise, they play the game for fun. These are the sort of players who won’t spend much if anything, and are happy to play the long game even if it takes months or longer, to get all the dinosaurs or to climb up player levels and the Arena.

You are right though that players who have invested in the game don’t want to walk away because they have spent real money on the game. But these are also the same sort of players who feel that because they have spent money on it that they are entitled to have the what they want (see arguments for and against Dracoceratops, various nerfs and so forth). That “sense of entitlement” hurts the game long term in my opinion and potentially driving long time casual players away.

JWA does not have an endgame like a regular computer game does. The endgame is more about being able to collect the DNA to create the super hybrids and say you’ve done it. That is why we get new dinosaurs and hybrids with every new update. It’s moving the goal posts I guess but every few months a new endgame appears for those players to keep them going.

But with any game it will have it’s ups and downs in player numbers. Players move on to other games and new players come in to keep the cycle going. I don’t think tournaments are especially popular and people leave because of that, but likewise the big new things will bring them back, even if just for a short while.

Ultimately I think JWA has a lot going for it but it will never have the draw of something PoGo and has more AR games come out (Ghostbusters and Harry Potter, as examples) it will dilute the numbers but players will gravitate to what interests them.


There are plenty of ppl who don’t have all the uniques yet, including myself, I only have 1 (indo) and I’ve been playing since the beginning. But it’s come to a point where leveling up my dinos is such a hassle because I have to spend so much money on coins. Because of this reason I’ve been switching back to Pokémon, because I don’t have to actually spend my own money in order to progress in that game. With Ludia, if you don’t throw out cash like crazy, you ain’t getting anywhere.