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Jwa esp?

So had something really weird just happen… as I was getting home my game glitched out, which is common, right? So I restarted and it did that thing where it says “YOU WON” when it opened. So I did a force stop hoping to get rid of it. Reopened and still there - YOU WON against someone called “tunnel ‘so and so’” (I forgot the exact ending, just know it was a ‘tunnel’) which usually indicates a bot. So I decided to go fight a battle and try to get a win to see if that ended the glitch (which it has in the past). I fought what felt like a real person, and won, my opponent? The same tunnel name it was glitching and saying I beat before I fought them. I also got trophies, but that’s normal in Aviary, right? Getting trophies for fighting a bot?

Anyway, kind of weird…

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Someone else reported that exact same scenario a few weeks ago. Everyone told him he was nuts. But, being you experienced it also, there may be something to it.


I had this happen a few times. Once I did a strike tower, it went away.

Maybe our opponents are part of a predetermined generated list. It pings the next member and if available there is a battle. The wait time might not be waiting for an actual person, it could be waiting for an available opponent from the list and the computer to ping one at a time. Probably not, but it’s been a long day and it was a random thought that would help explain how strange that really is.

I was kind of thinking that maybe I had lost the previous three fights (I think it’s three) and that I was queued up to fight a bot next. When the game glitched, it glitched with the name of the bot.

That would make sense, a little anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

When did you loose those previous three fights?

The other guy that reported it. Got a you lose message… force closed the game then played the same guy he lost too. He said something along the lines rng was out to get him. I believe he mentioned losing trophies so not Ai in his case.

The big debate in that thread really came down to why would they and if they could… predetermine battles. It seems in these scenarios the answer is yet.

I can’t say for sure if I lost or not, I was just speculating on how that could happen. Don’t they have something in place that if you lose a bunch in a row you get matched with AI?

I dont get it at 4800-4900 but its apparently a thing in low avairy… it does give trophies at the moment so its within possibilities…

Can you see tunnel so and so in recent opponents?

Also pity bots lose the match at all costs often just swapping back and forth after 2 dinos die.

Nope, not in recent opponents, and I’ve faced a bunch of “tunnel” named opponents in the past - tunnelfloor is the one I remember. Never on the opponent list.

Your experience makes me really rethink my stance on the other thread though. Seems like you got the ai… but it also makes me wonder what exactly is going on with things under the hood.

The post im refering to is

Its entirely possible that message is bugged so much the stars are gonna align so it seems its predicting the game. But honestly i havent got that message in a while, but next time I do ill be sure to sceenshot.

Got this after battling a strike tower… so decided to check it out and do a battle…

No recent opponent but it didnt feel like a bot… took two attempts to battle as the first battle got me the same you win message after 1 dino died… then i hot battle button again got a new match and beat the same name.