JWA Fan-Made Story: Apex Breakout!

Remember that story I said I might do? Well I ended up doing it. I have finished the prologue to it, giving us details about the two (fanmade) companies and some of the character, including the protagonists and antagonist.

Disclaimer: Both of the names of the company headquarters aren’t canon to the movies and we’re made up by me.

Here is the prologue to Apex Breakout!

An unknown figure walks up, he is wearing a lab coat and typical scientist clothes. He walks up to an enclosure with a dinosaur in it.

“How’s this little dinosaury doing?”, he says in a cute tone. It snaps and tries to bite him, roaring in anger. “Haha, try all you want, you can’t get me, even if we let you out”, he said to it. “Dr. John! We need you here, now!”, someone shouts. He runs over to the other scientists.

“What is it? This better be important.”, he said. “We’ve successfully created another hybrid using Grylenken and Utarinex DNA!”, the scientist said excitedly. “Wonderful! Show me now.” Dr. John’s said in a impressed tone. The shield opens up, revealing Gryrinex. It has the body of Grylenken, but with the frill and feathered tail of Utarinex. It runs toward the screen, trying to break free. “Ugh, when will they realize that they can’t get out?” John said. The other shrugged. “This is great, we will be able to make lots of Mega-hybrids now!”, Dr. John’s said, evilly laughing outside of MantaGen headquarters.

Meanwhile, we look at another big, advanced lab with lots of scientists. We come to Doctor Bailey, a young, brilliant scientist who has studied genetics and dinosaurs since she was a little girl. She walks up to her friends, Doctors Jay and Katelyn. Jay has known Bailey since they were since Kindergarten, and have become inseparable since, while Katelyn has been Bailey’s friend since middle school, and quickly became best friends with her. “How’s the fusion coming along Kate?”, Bailey asked her friend. “The fusion is almost done, just and few more minutes left, and it will be made.”, said Katelyn. “Have you thought of a name yet Jay?”, she asked him. “Yep, and everyone else agrees it fits. Its name is Turturpelta, meaning Turtle Shield.”, he explained to her. The monitor says it’s fusing Entelolania DNA with Antarctopelta DNA, then a screen pops up saying it’s done. “It’s finished, let’s see it!”, shouts Bailey. All of the scientists at the lab come to see their first Mega-hybrid complete.

The door opens, revealing a baby Turturpelta. It has the body of Entelolania, but with a more blackish color and more spikes on its head and shell, given to it by Antarctopelta. Being the owner of the company, Bailey walks in first. She has been made to imprint on these creatures, so that they don’t attack anyone. The little turtle is scared at first, but then when it sees she isn’t a threat, walks up to her. She feeds it celery, making it happy as it snuggles with her. She looks back and gives a thumbs up to her co-workers. They all cheer in excitement as the focus leaves the lab, revealing the name of the company:


Ignore the lines by the logo, was trying to think of something for it.
I spent a lot of time on this story, I hope it does well, cause there may or may not be more coming if it does well.


beautiful story my friend, you did pretty well so far
great ideas of mega-hybrids Gryrinex and turturpelta
the story is quite mysterious, such joy when making scientific hybrids


Trust me, there’s more hybrids coming, and they will start only getting more dangerous, with some being docile. And there’s more characters along the way too. I’m glad you like the prologue.


Finally, after a long wait, part 2 is here! Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 2: The Battle of Monsters

John looks at the TV with anger and wordiness as the press interviews Bailey and her crew.

“So you’ve just created this new hybrid called Turturpelta, right?”, the reporter asks Bailey.

“That is correct, it was just born, so we would like to ask that no cameras allowed, it might get scared”, she tells the camera crew nicely. “That’s OK, we wouldn’t want to upset the little cutie, but is there anything you would like to tell us?”, the reporter asked them. Katelyn came up, wanting to say something, “Yes, we’ve been starting a huge project for this company: Building a sanctuary for all creatures to live in, and we’ve been making good progress, in a few months, it should be 100% complete!”, She excitedly said. “That’s amazing! We can’t wait to see the end results, but that’s all for today folks, see you later!”, the news ends. Dr. John was watching the whole time, and is furious.

“Blast, Furious Blast!”, he shouts in a fit of rage. “She’s making us look like idiots, fools, embarrassment’s!”, he yells. “Sir, we’re an evil organization, we need to do stuff that will get us on the news, make us seem threatening.”, his assistance, Dr. Yayel said. Ever since she first met John, she’s been with him up to here. “Your right honey, but what would we do?”, he pondered, wondering what scheme to do. Suddenly, “AHA! I’ve got the perfect idea!”, he shouted so loud that all the workers came. “We’ll make dinosaurs and creatures battle each other to near death, like a tournament, and we will keep doing this for eternity, and then we’ll use them to take over this pathetic little world.”, the doctor says in a menacing tone. Everyone agrees with John, but, “That’s a great idea babe, but there’s only one problem, where would we get the creatures we need?”, Dr. Yayela asked him. “Oh that’s easy, we still dinosaurs from all around the world, and will make hybrids out of them, and even more hybrids than that stupid Hybrinetic’s.”, he said, confident. “Men, go to the trucks and planes, grab as many dinosaurs and Cenozoic’s as you can and bring them here, the rest of you will make sure they stay so we can battle with them. Use these darts and drones to penetrate their skin so we can get their DNA, and we’ll make them so they can battle! I will be going as well to make a little sabotage to “her”.”, he said menacingly. “Sir yes sir!” The men shouted. They got to their vehicles, with Dr. John joining too. “Let Operation: Jurassic World Alive, Begin!”

Meanwhile, Bailey and her friends were caring for a baby Triceratops that was sick and wandered in. “It’s OK little one, you’re gonna be just fine, just open wide and eat this”, Katelyn said to it. It ate the medicine, and started running around all happily and joyfully. “Well looks like he’s feeling better”, said Jay. “Yep, that medicine must’ve worked, time to get him back to his mom”, Bailey said. But when they went to the forest to find the Mama Triceratops, they were shocked to not find a single dinosaur in sight. “Where is all the dinosaurs?”, Katelyn said confused. “I don’t know, there’s usually a bunch of them here, but now there’s none”, Bailey responded back. “Something seems a little fishy here, like something chased them or took them away”, said Jay. “Don’t be ridiculous, there’s no way anyone could-“ before Bailey could finish, the group spotted a group of trucks carrying a bunch of dinosaurs. “What’s going on, we never told them to kidnap them?” Katelyn said shocked about what’s happening. “Wait, guys look at the truck’s symbols!”, Jay shouted, pointing at the truck, which read “MantaGen” “What?! What does MantaGen want with all these dinosaurs and creatures?”, asked Katelyn. “I’m not sure, but we better find out!” Bailey said. “But what about the Bellupotitan? It’s close to hatching soon. You have to imprint on it Bailey!” Jay as concerned. “There’s no time for that Jay! We have to go!”, Bailey shouted angrily. As they drove off following them, Jay and Katelyn looked at each other, concerned about Bailey.

Meanwhile, at the MantaGen Arena, loads of people showed up to see the first ever Jurassic World Alive battle. There was shouting, cheering, lots of popcorn, and then John showed up to the center. “Hello everybody, and thank you for attending the world’s first Dino Battle!”, he announced, with the audience cheering. “In this, 4 dinosaurs will be on a team, with a person representing each team. They will pick one creature at a time to fight one another. If one gets knocked out, they will have to choose another, with the first to knock down 3 being the winner!”, said John in a excited mood. “Now I know you may be asking, will any creatures die in this battle? And the answer is no, there will be a barrier that prevents them from killing each other”, he clarified. “But with that out of the way, let’s get started!”, he shouted, with the audience shouting. The doors open, and out came a Monolophosaurus and an Oviraptor. The two began to attack one another. Oviraptor slashed its claws at Mono, who retaliated with slashes and bites at Oviraptor. Mono then finished Oviraptor off with a devastating slash to the face, knocking the feathered creature down. Just as Monolophosaurus went to kill it, a barrier appeared, preventing it from hurting the Oviraptor. It and the raptor disappeared, and out came a Gryosuchus, who instantly tail whipped Monolophosaurus, knocking it down on the ground. It disappeared, and a Suchomimus enters the arena. It goes for a slash that badly damages Gryposuchus, but it also gets a strong chomp with its jaws on Suchomimus’s neck. The Gryposuchus then feels pain, starting to bleed from the wound. It then roars, temporarily stunning the Suchomimus, while also taking damage from the wound. The two then charge and chomp and tail whip each other. Suchomimus goes down, but then Gryposuchus goes down, but isn’t dead from its wounds. The two men then send out Triceratops and Alanqa. The Alanqa goes for lots of Scratch’s and wing slaps, while Triceratops goes for charges and stops. Triceratops is hurt, but then roars loudly, with an aura surrounding it, restoring some energy and some kind of shield in front of it, which reduces the damage Alanqa does to it. Alanqa retaliates by roaring a shield up that doesn’t disappearing after one attack, and it seems like Triceratops attack didn’t do anything. It then charges and attacks again, but it stuns Alanqa, and its shield goes down. Knowing he might lose, he switches to an Allosaurus, while the other person switched to a Brachiosaurus. They exchange blows, but the Allosaurus’s strength and power manages to break the Brachiosaurus’s leg, knocking it down. Both disappear from the field, and a bell rings.

“That’s it, give it up for our first winner of Jurassic World Alive battle!”, John shouts, lifting up the hand of the winner. The audience screams in shouts and cheers. “Thank you, thank you, tune it next time for Jurassic World Alive!”, John said. Little did he know that our crew was watching from the sidelines. “Is he crazy? Using creatures as boxing ring fighters, he’ll kill them sooner or later!” Katelyn said shocked. “We have to do something Bailey!”, said Jay worried. “Oh we’ll do something alright, come on, let’s go, I know this place by the back of my hand.”, said Bailey, leading them through the place. They got to the control room, which was empty, and spot the release button. “There it is, come on!”, Bailey shouts as she heads for the button. “Say, don’t you think it’s strange that no one’s in here?”, Katelyn asks Jay. “Yeah, why do I have a bad feeling about this?”, Jay says concerned. Bailey goes to hit the button, but then a tail smacks here to the ground. “Auugh!”, she shouted in pain. “Bailey!”, Jay and Katelyn yelled to their friend. “Well well well, what do we have here?”, an unknown figure said. “Great job Magnamoloch(Magnapyritor+Tuoramoloch), you get a treat”, he said throwing a rat into its mouth, with it eating it. “How could you do this to all of these poor creatures?!”, Bailey yelled at the man. “Hmph, I should’ve known you’d come here. Didn’t you ever question that yourself.”, the man said. “Always nice to see you come visit, my sweet, sweet, daughter Bailey”, John said in a terrifying tone.


I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. I’m thinking of making at least 10 chapters in total. And there will be more action in the next chapter!

Can you use my Phoruspikasaur(Phorurex + Gigaspikasaur) in the next one?