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JWA Field Guide appreciation

I want to take a moment to appreciate @mattellis and Gamepress for all the work they do for the community. I was just thinking about how nice it would be if I could look at JWA Field Guide and see all of the changes in one place where I can search. Well I see it already it already has an update!

The app is such a great help, especially in times like this. I love comparing different creatures for team planning, I love playing with the loadouts feature, and I have used the level up calculator a lot. Now I think I might remember quick updates from the app before, right after an update, but for some reason I was thinking I would have to wait until the tier list was figured out and released before getting an update. Well I am very greatfull for the all of the quick, accurate, great information the app provides. Thanks @mattellis and Gamepress crew for the work you do!

To all JWA FIELD GUIDE & Gamepress members @MattEllis, @Mnbrian, @Piere87, @Bart_H, @Ghast_Pixel16, @OrigamiRobot, @Castal, @Rebecca1977 (anyone else?) Thank you all !:heart::sauropod::t_rex:


Thank you @MattEllis!


There’s an update !?

I would tag the Gamepress crew but I don’t know who all is on the forum and don’t want to leave anyone out. But you know who you are, Thank you!


Hey @Procerathomonomimus! That’s awesome that you’re finding the Field Guide so useful! This was definitely a LOT of changes to implement. The GamePress crew (@Piere87, @MNBrian, and @OrigamiRobot just to name a few) is definitely top-notch with helping me out! Watch for more updates coming soon…


Thanks @MattEllis, the field guide is so useful for examining the game as a whole.

I think there might be a slight error in the latest version. The guide shows extra dinos in Area 4 and no park spawns (I think the park spawns were put in Area 4). Just letting you know.

Again, thank you and everyone else on the team for keeping this guide up to date!

@Bart_H and @Rebecca1977 as well :wink:


I was looking for their aliases but wasn’t sure what they were on here! Thanks for tagging them @Piere87 — they are definitely super important GP team members!!

Hey @Mudkipz! I’m aware of that issue and have fixed it locally. I’ll push out another build probably tomorrow so everyone will have the fixes.


Sweet! Thanks again.

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Me and @Castal too! That’s all the Gamepress staff that are here off the top of my mind lol.


Yeah exactly lol. I was thinking of all of the Gamepress names I see on the forums and I was like I think? This might be all of them?

Sorry @Ghast_Pixel16 and @Castal!! I’m used to seeing you on Discord but haven’t been over here very much so trickier to find people!! :slight_smile:

Field guide is extremely usefull, and it’s so impressive that it’s aleady updated for 2.0!

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thx for the updated guide, VERY much appreciated!!

however I have some remarks:

  1. nullifying impact is listed as having a 1 turn cooldown in the guide but it seems it currently has a 2 turn cooldown (as from 2.0, hopefully the devs at Ludia will change it back to having it a 1 turn cooldown)

  2. would it be possible to add the list of resistances when compairing 2 creatures please? that would be very handy!

as an example I compaired the new stats for magna and monolometrodon and what I already tought was actually true and that is that the new monolometrodon has “almost” the same stats as magna BUT is a lot easier to make and level up, however 2 stats are better for mono: it has more health and 75% resistance to rend (magna has 50%) (mono deals slightly less damage and is slightly slower than magna)

Good morning! I would like to point out that there are still creatures that need to be completely updated… Thanks in advance and thanks for the wonderful app that has been helping me for 4 patches now!

Hey sorry for the late reply! The latest version of JWA Field Guide (v2.6.3) now shows resistances when comparing creatures! Let me know what you think.


These should be fixed in the latest version!