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JWA Field Guide (v2.2.0) is now LIVE for both iOS and Android!

Hey Guys! The latest version of JWA Field Guide (v2.2.0) is now LIVE for both iOS and Android! Here’s what’s new:

Jurassic World Alive v1.9!
• ALL v1.9 creatures and moves have been added to JWA Field Guide!
• Search for “v1.9” to see them all!
• All other creature Stats, Moves, and Spawn Locations have been updated!

New Creature Settings Feature!
• On the Creature Details screen, you can now change the creature’s Level, Health Tier, Damage Tier, and Speed Tier!
• The Creature’s Stats and Move damage are instantly updated to reflect your changes
• Any Level or Tier changes you make are saved automatically

In case you don’t already have the JWA Field Guide app, here are the links:

Happy Dino Hunting!!!

Here are a few screens from the new version:


A great app, thanks!!!

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Awesome work !!!

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When update tyer list?

The GamePress team is working on the Tier list. I’m not sure when it will be ready. There are LOTS of changes to consider in v1.9!

I love your Field Guide, thank you! :heart_eyes:

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Great apps and very useful for JWA fans. Thanks a lot MattEllis! Great works!

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@MattEllis looks like you’ll need to update Smilonemys stats.

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Hey @Sean_Sperry! Yeah, I noticed yesterday that they nerfed Smilonemys. I’ll include those changes in the next release. If you notice anything else that’s off, please let me know!

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