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JWA Field Guide v2.4.0 is now LIVE!

JWA Field Guide v2.4.0 is now LIVE!

Hey Guys! The latest version of the JWA Field Guide app (v2.4.0) is now LIVE for both iOS and Android! Here’s a summary of what’s new in this release:


• All v1.10 creature and move changes are now in included

• Boost Tiers now go up to Level 20 (instead of 10)

• The new Boost Tier calculations are also included

In case you don’t already have the JWA Field Guide app, here are the links:



Happy Dino Hunting!!!


Tier list?

Give us a little bit of time for that one. The patch just hit :joy:

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And 1.11? To

Don’t you mean 2.0?? :wink:


You mean 1.11.

You don’t need frikls

Hey guys! Love the app. It has been great help with the new boost system.
One suggestion though:
It would be awsome if we could see how much sanctuary points a creature is worth at a certain level and boost level. :slight_smile:

If you know of someone who has all that information send them our way! Right now we don’t have a database of that because it would be a huge manual collection process.

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Thanks for this great app.
Your efforts are worth a donation. So please consider a donation button.

And maybe some more nick names, e.g. alita.

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Thank you. Im excited

I’ll think about possibly adding donation button or something similar down the road! Which creature would the nickname “alita” go with for you?

I am not sure. I have read this name in this forum several times and i assume it refers to Indoraptor G1.

And 1.11 too?

How come you keep mentioning “1.11”? Are you asking about the next version of JWA? Or do you mean something else?

1.11 too?!

Asking the next version.

@anon21852927 I don’t work for Ludia so I don’t have that inside information. I do wish I knew though!!

@MattEllis, you may want to make a minor correction on Ardentismaxima. Mine has 1501 damage with its tier 4 boost.

JWA Field Guide says tier 4 is 1502 damage.

As always though, I love this app! Keep up the great work! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@deepwrinkle Thanks for letting me know about this! It’s actually very odd though because that would mean Ludia changed the way they’re doing rounding (which is not good!!). When you are actually in a battle, does Ardentis do 1501 damage for Decel Strike? For Def Ramage how much damage does he do? If you could send me screen shots for those it would be awesome! I just want to make sure things didn’t just change on the details screen.

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