JWA Field Guide v2.5.1 is now LIVE for both iOS and Android!

The latest version of the JWA Field Guide app is now LIVE for both iOS and Android!


• GamePress Tier List v1.12! The Tyrant Tier has been SPLIT!!

• Creature Compare no longer has a 6 move maximum

• Disabled auto-correct in Search Box since it never got it right anyways!!

• Some small creature stat and move fixes

In case you don’t already have the JWA Field Guide app, here are the links:

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/jwa-field-guide/id1444564426?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ca.imatt.JWAFieldGuide

Happy Dino Hunting!!!

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 11 Pro Max - 2020-02-15 at 21.36.38


What do you mean by Creatures compare of 6?

Up until this version of JWA Field Guide, the Creature Compare feature only showed a maximum of 6 moves per creature. This was fine because no creature in the game had more than 6 moves (including immunities). But when JWA 1.12 was released and the On Escape moves came about, that gave some creatures 7 total moves. So the 7th move was left out, but not any more!


I still don’t get it

Some creatures had only 6 abilities, instead of 7

Now in this new version, it has been corrected and shows 7 skills

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Many thanks, your contributions to this app are much appreciated.


Oh. Now I get it


Yeah but it only affected the Creature Compare screen, not the normal Creature Details screen.

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I’m happy you like it!!

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I think I may have found an error for gorgosuchus

What’s the error?

I know it’s a serious long shot, but any chance it could ever be compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab 3? It crashes upon opening (but I’m also aware that this thing is considered “ancient” these days)!

This may just be me not getting a joke, but why is gorgosuchus nicknamed gorgosaur?

Yeah that doesn’t seem quite right! I’ll look into that one.

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Entelomoth’s rarity is right, but it looks weird

Hey @BlacHusk Can you tell me your phone model? Also, do you have any zoom/display settings turned on?

@MattEllis I have a Huawei nova 3i, and no, no zoom/display settings turned on. I compared other dinos, but only found that on entelomoth. I hope this helps somehow :sweat_smile:

hehe what do the other Legendaries display? Is the text cut-off?

That is a sneak peak of an unfinished new rarity, the LEG rarity