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JWA Field Guide v2.5.7 is now LIVE for both iOS and Android!

Hey Guys! The latest version of JWA Field Guide (v2.5.7) is now LIVE for both iOS and Android! Here’s what’s new:

Jurassic World Alive v1.14!

• All v1.14 creatures with profile pictures, stat changes, move changes, and updated spawn locations are included

• Here are all the new creatures: Arctops, Entelochops, Grylenken, Inostrancevia, Majundaboa, Moschops, and Scutosaurus

In case you don’t already have the JWA Field Guide app, here are the links:



Happy Dino Hunting!!!


To be honest, this is the first time that the latest hybrid got a unblurry picture

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You can search by versions? How have I not known this?!!


Congrats for your work ! Thank you !

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thanks @MattEllis :two_hearts:

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We have a new method to get profile pics for the new creatures. The old way involved grabbing new profiles from screenshots and/or video captures so they were more blurry. Ludia does not pass along any of this to us so everything in the Field Guide I’ve either hand-coded or hand-assembled. Lots of work in there.


@Sean_Sperry Yup! You can search all the way back to “v1.3”. It’s fun doing a trip down memory lane! :slight_smile:


What does that mean?

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Tou can put v1.4 and it will show you all creatures that came that update.

Ayy! Was waiting for these dudes to show up!! Awesome, and really handy app btw!

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Awesome! Happy you like JWA Field Guide!

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Never knew you could search by version. Neat little tidbit.

You can also search for things like: “speed>130”, “damage=1600”, “health<=2500”, etc…

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Great work on these multiple features :clap::heart_eyes:

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