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JWA Field Guide v2.7.0!

JWA Field Guide v2.7.0 is now live for both iOS and Android! It has all the v2.1 game changes PLUS a brand new Evolution Calculator!!

Here are the links if you don’t have it already:



Happy Dino Hunting!!!

All v2.1 Creatures:

In the Evolution Stats section, enter your DNA on Hand and Current Creature Level to use for Evolution Analysis calculations:

Evolution Analysis will tell you exactly how much DNA and Coins you need to reach your Target Evolution Level, based on the selected Average DNA Per Fuse:


now I can add another one to my fast turtle army.

Thank you. Can’t wait for the update. Your app is awesome!

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Thank you for keeping this awesome guide up to date!

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where’s the acro? Awesome update by the way. Do we connect the app to our accounts or have to type in everything. Maybe you can put like connectiong our jaw accounts in next update. That would be awesome.

I can’t find the new creatures in the Field Guide. Is there a new update comming?

its not here yet

Acro was removed shortly after v.2.1 of the game was released. I’m guessing it will come out in v2.2. And of course the Field Guide will have it! :slight_smile:

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Make sure you are on v2.7.0 of the Field Guide. You may need to manually update.

The update SHOULD be live now for both iOS and Android! Look for v2.7.0.


Thank you @MattEllis. You are a star. :star:

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I was curious, do you plan on adding the class designations from the main game, and the ability to sort by them? I imagine that wouldn’t be something you could just whip up quickly, but I think it would be useful to have that down the line.

Oh, ok. I am curious tho. I know this would take a very long time but could make it an ability to link somone’s account to jwa field guide so their dna records go to it and make it possible to see how many fuses of a unique without needing to show the dna of 3 different dinos and actively change it every week or so. I think it would make your newest feature from this new update much easier to use. It would take at least half a year or a few months tho. Maybe this would involve linking both apps togehter. Not that either one would be able to make changes but so you could see what’s happening. This would also prepare you for updates before they actually happen.

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I am planning on adding the Creature Classes in a future Field Guide update. I didn’t want to delay this current release to build it in because I knew people would be very interested in the new creatures plus the evo calc!

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That makes sense. Like I said, I’m guessing its much harder to add that type of sorting system, and you already did a lot of amazing work to get this out in just one day!

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It’s just an idea and seems like too much work tho so it might not be doable

Unfortunately, this means Ludia would have to give me (i.e., the Field Guide) private access into people’s accounts, which would never happen… I agree that it would be better though! People are calculating this info all the time anyways so this feature now makes that task a lot easier. Not zero work, but less work for the player!

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haha, ya. It would be very fun to have.

Is it possible to use an overlay for this? I know some unofficial pokemon go support apps can scan your screen to pick up information automatically. Again though, that might be a lot of work :sweat_smile:

The fact that creatures can have multiple classes makes it trickier to implement. I haven’t given that any real thought yet. Been too busy getting the calc working and the creature changes in.

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