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JWA Field Guide v2.7.0!

Take your time! And thanks again for your hard work in getting this out so fast!

That would be a HUGE project. Also, it wouldn’t be viable for anyone on iOS.

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That’s true, I forgot they don’t have that.

Wait, what wrong on iOS

@Colin What do you mean?

Love your work @MattEllis. Absolutely great app!

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I’m happy you like it @colourblind!!

Oh, you just said a scan wouldn’t work on ios.

@MattEllis first of all thanks so much for your time and effort on this. Has been a huge help for me in a lot of aspects of the game.

I have one request if it’s not too much trouble and obviously no rush.

Love that you can search for a move type (eg distraction) and get a list of all the dinos that have some form of distracting ability.

Was wondering if there was a way to implement something similar for resistances? Would be a tremendous help for raid planning.

For example, if I wanted to see all dinos in the game with any amount of rend resistance, implementing a search function for that would be awesome.

Don’t know how complicated it would be, but if not too troublesome would be very cool/helpful extra feature.

Appreciate your work regardless :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for considering!

@TheShrimps That’s awesome that the Field Guide is really helping you out!

I’m going to make resistances searchable/filterable at some point in the future. One way to get around this right now is to find any creature with a resistance you want to look up (e.g., Stun), scroll down to the resistances and tap on the Resistance icon. When you do, you’ll see ALL other creatures with that same Resistance. It will look like this:

You can do the same thing for Moves and Spawn Locations (those icons are all tappable!) in case you didn’t know!

That’s awesome - did not know that. That’s exactly what I needed, thanks!

Thank you sir.

Something that may not be obvious is that setting the “Target Evolution Level” to “Max Level Possible” is NOT the same as choosing “Level 30”.

When you choose “Max Level Possible”, it tells you how far you can Evolve the creature with your current DNA on Hand (including all hybrid components and sub-components).

When you choose a specific “Target Evolution Level” (like “Level 30”), it tells you how much DNA from each hybrid component you still need to reach that level.

Try it out and let me know what you think!!