JWA: Flyers & Chaos Effect Hybrids


I was just wondering if you were planning about introducing flyers, such as Pterano or Tapejara, they could have stats like Raptors but less HP and maybe 129-130 speed in case of Ramphorynchus, or more HP and less speed in case of Quetzalcoatlus.

And about Chaos Effect Hybrids i was wondering if that was possible, due to, for example, in case of Ultimasaurus, we can use Rex + trike, and for example Paradeinonychus, iguanodon (since para has Two hybrids + deinonychus, so you Will able to add this new Dino)


People, including myself, have suggested flying reptiles with a dodge ability passive to compensate for low damage & health. They could easily be balanced by being status creatures instead of raw damage like raptors. Strike and run would work too.