Ludia Forums

JWA FORUM is My #1 Top Social Site

This has become my go-to for all things World Wide Web.
Ludia Forums replace Facebook,
ARCore replaces Snapchat,
Jurassic World Alive replaces Candy Crush Saga.


Cool! ^^

I’ve been enjoying the communities on these forums to the point where I’ve pinned the link on my dash for quick access :stuck_out_tongue:


@SWIFTagent24 That’s so funny and understandable! :blue_heart: I had to add the link to my homescreen as well. I was getting too lazy to go through the game to get here. :rofl:


Not from an English-speaking country, and just practicing how to smoothly write English essay for communicate with others on this forum.:sweat_smile:

(And also for bargain with Ludia service.)


Noice! I’m developing the habit of having the forums open on my shiny chromebook /whilst/ playing the game :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I’ve really found good vibes on this forum. Great users with great passion. ^^ (Best thing; definitely at least one shared interest between everyone! XD)

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Cool! You seem to be doing well! ^^ (Especially compared with someone like me, who only knows the odd word from other languages XD)

I can also see your love for the Tarbosaurus! I love the depiction of it in JWA…gorgeous design!

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@Tarbosaurus It is working for you! You are doing much better than english-speaking acquaintances of mine.

I would “:heart:” your posts, friends, but…

Oh dang! We’ll consider that message a ‘like’ instead…? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yay! Hashtag lifts my burdens! :blush:

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I deleted my Facebook because I hate how fake it is, your boyfriends cheating on you and you know it why are you posting love songs on each others walls and going for couples photoshoots… barf! Now I’m addicted to jwa forum :joy::joy:


@Heather Oh, I agree, it’s terrible.
This, right here, is real life! You are not alone, Heather. (((Hugs)))

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II feel ya… Social Media has gotten tedious and boring… how many posed engagement, wedding and baby pictures can you see before it’s considered spam??

Couples who dino hunt together, Stay together.

  • Dr Phil

(A girl tells me she plays JWA and she’s automatically guaranteed a platinum incubator of brownie points :joy::shushing_face:)


There’s seriously such a thing as a “maximum number of likes” on this forum? :rofl::rofl:

Got a much-needed laugh out of that one. But with all seriousness, that’s pretty darn cool…

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This made me smile :grin:


Sorry to hear that’s happened to you! But their loss, right! As long as things are good here! ^^ Thumbs up

(I never had fb; only Twitter…not that I Tweet much…Having said that I posted about the animatronic T. Rex I encountered the other day ^^ But I digress! The T. Rex, meanwhile, digests Drum-roll!)

Wait, what happened to me :sweat_smile:

I meant in the reference you made to the cheating…Okay, I’ll shaddup now XD

The forum is fun but sometimes boring cause nobody say nothing interesting haha i swap this forum whit jwa reddit xd

@Hersh Awww no I LOVED that picture :joy: