JWA Game map serious performance issues after 2.15 update

I have a 6mth old A52s, so anything but an inferior device, hardly any apps on it, yet even sitting still the lag is horrific.


I play one account on a Samsung s21 ultra and it’s fine other than when out and about when it struggles a bit but I put that down to signal strength. It’s ok at home with wi fi.
My first alt plays on an iPad, 18 months old and runs fine but again all on wi fi.
My second alt on a Samsung s8+ and oh my days it is so bad on that one! Takes ages to load and run the game since this last update. And this is on the same wi fi as the other two so ….

I use to play 6 hours a day but it seems like Ludia wants me to have a real life. Thanks Ludia for making the map so bad while I am on the move. Now my wife is happy cause I drive now since I can’t play because it’s so bad instead of her driving she can now relax.

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@Breona, @Ned just bumping this in case the team is a bit embarrassed on what they have done or not done and asked you to ignore/stall this thread with a vengeance for as long as you can?

Many thanks


Just wondering if the game is ever going to be fixed? Or are they wanting to drive players away?

Asking for a friend.


Probably the later.

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I swear it feels like this update is sucking up more of my mobile data than usual too. I’d rarely if never see the warning that I’m down to less than 500mb left. But I’ve seen it twice in the past two months that this update has dropped.

I don’t play any other mobile games either.

Is the map just somehow overloading and eating through it all.

@Ludia_Developers any update?

It’s been 20+ days, still no update on the game lag.
Nice way to care about the userbase!


It’s kinda sad that they can fix the daily missions epic dna really fast but they can’t fix the map.

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Hello @THX911,
Our apologies for the inconvenience.
The team is still investigating the lagging issue. Though we do not have an ETA on the matter, we’ll provide an update once we have more information. Thank you!


Will this be another thing where it’ll be three years and not fixed like some of the other bugs and issues on this game? I really hope not.




@Ludia_Developers So what’s going on? One full working day of server code update with no explanation of what is being fixed and what is not being fixed and the game is still the same, maps laggy after 2.15 update. The only improvement I have seen is PvP countdown is now slightly better than me running out of time to select my first creature and was just auto-seleted. Sanctuaries are now broken; lots of new visual glitches introduced.

What was actually fixed or live experimented on so we are ready for the worse? Do you even actually get any update or direct communication with the development team or the project manager?


At this point why not remove the ar aspect and turn it into a full pvp game for 5x to 10x the current rewards when the ar aspect is nigh unplayable the way it is now intended (on a vehicle since theres para lux, scarce lobbies, scarce towers and posti blocking every chest on mondays)? Even walking a few meters guarantees the game to freeze for 10 seconds


Also, not the last update but over the years some coder(s) has likely overridden the cheat code (likely to trap cheater and cheat system, from swapping servers while playing the game, my guess) so now if you walk out with WiFi on and then get out of range (as most of us would rather than manually turn off Wifi) then the game locks you out and you have to restart before it talks to the server again. Walking on the street where it would pick up high-street free Wifi also sometimes kills the server connection and same when I return home and it auto-picks the Wifi.

Games like Pokemon Go handled it seamlessly so the coder just need to look up GDC or other conf tech talk on how everyone else does it so well. In 2022 this should be a trivial tech problem to solve right?.

Even a system message (like low battery) or an incoming call that I would ignore, kills the game server link then recovery is just pot luck. Same if you minimise and get back to the game/raid. No other mobile game does that and I play a lot, so again simply having someone experience read-up how to handle mobile data source change on mobile or ask on Reddit, etc and someone clever with help solved this for free, as it is now a well studied software engineering problem since mobile games became a mainstream industry over a decade ago. There is no shame in asking for help.

The only time this seems to be useful is when the raid is over and the game stays on the fainted boss then everyone minimising the game and back triggers the complete message.

Wifi, as well as 4g, commonly have a bandwidth of multiple megabytes per second. The map and the game altogether might use 100 megabyte in a whole DAY if you use the app constantly.

Map speed/lag has zilch to do with connection bandwidth, it’s just a CPU/memory thing.

It’s simple; if the map doesn’t show everything but you can still look around smoothly: slow bandwidth. If the smoothness is nowhere to be found: Phone too busy with loading stuff.

What you’re experience when you’re “out and about” is the map loading while you are moving. Which lags the phone because the processes are beyond suboptimal when it comes to loading and displaying graphics.

And yeah, switching from 4g/wifi or back breaks the game and forces a restart… this is also so dumb…

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I always thought it was my phone being crusty and old that caused the force restarts when jumping from wifi to phone data, glad it’s not just me.

No that’s just bad game design, happens with all phones.


Maps and world is still the same; all our phones are the same; no major OS updates recently, so no point suggesting what could be causing the issues and how to redesign it apart from what was accidentally added or removed with the 2.15 update. Simple version control check will show what and who messed up the game. Not that complicated :man_shrugging:t4: