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Jwa Genders

So I’ve been thinking of dinos having certain genders
Males have more attack but less health and less speed
But females have less attack more health and more speed
Also if ur Dino is a fierce it has a 75% chance to be a male and 25% for a female
Cunning’s have a 75% chance to be a female and vice versa
Resilients are the same as cunning’s but wild cards is a 50% chance to be a male and 50% to be a female.

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Isn’t every dino in Jurassic World, excluding Indoraptor and Scorpius, female? Also, this feature sounds very complicated and I feel it would only work in a game like Pokémon, where you can have multiple Pokémon at a time, not just one. It’d also suck to have rng decide how you build your dinos. Want an attack focused dino? Too bad, you can’t, as your dino is female instead and you can’t do anything about it. Even more so, why focus on having males on your team when they seem to be objectively worse with this mechanic? How would this work with multi-class dinos as well? Cunnings would probably be the best class after this addition, as most have decent attack, even with an attack nerf, and they’d have health buffs and speed buffs to make them even better. Fierce would be irrelevant, being slower than everything else and weaker than everyone else but only having more attack to their name, which is their entire purpose. And not all animals would be sexually dimorphic in this way, so why would this apply to every creature in game?

In short: This feature would over complicate the game and is entirely unnecessary. No need to add it.


Technically yes but they all can change genders because really dumb logic, also yeah I agree I think the concept is too much and since their is no way to change the gender on the creature you get if you get the wrong gendered creature then you could be screwed for the rest of the game


This is not Pokemon.


With the exception of Indoraptor and Scorpius Rex, all the animals are female.


Consider Trex as an example, it is believed that the females were the bigger more powerful members so they would have the stronger power behind them. So the females would have more attack if stats were a thing IRL. In game giving the dinos genders just wouldn’t work, as the game would be more RNG based that it needs to be. Good idea but wouldn’t work for this game I’m afraid

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That theory was debunked years ago with the discovery of Scotty. As of now, there isn’t anything that proves that female T-Rex were bigger, since everything supporting it has been proven wrong.


Evidence also shows that they could have hunted in packs too with the adults being the powerhouses and the younger ones bringing the speed

You forgot the other males from sorna such as the spino and the quilled raptors. Genders based on canon would be nice aesthetically like skins or new gens although the latter will probably be overkill unless they make normal sized raptor flocks


True. I don’t think the gender of the Spinosaurus has ever been revealed though hence why I would say it was female.


how can you confirm?

also this is jwa not pokemon

My lab my choice of gender

I honestly see most of the creatures in the game as transgender to be honest.

(excluding the Raptor Pack, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Bumpy, and Scorpios Rex as they all have canon genders. T-rex isn’t on the list as the one in the game isn’t any of the canon Rexes.)

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Guys all genders are randomised, they could be canon or not

Still, this isn’t a good idea for JWA. Like I mentioned earlier having a random chance decide the viability of your dino is really dumb, and it could only work in a game like Pokémon, and guess what? This isn’t Pokémon!


Yeah, and that’s the main problem. Males are basically trash in this system, meaning that if you get one of a certain creature, it’ll stay underpowered forever. Remember that, unlike Pokémon, we can’t have more than 1 creature of a certain species, so everything you get will forever stay that way, meaning that progressing will become unnecessarily harder.


So basically no because we have enough RNG to deal w already like finding a single bear to dart

I dont want this to happen but its not a bad idea. It doesnt matter their gender because theyre all supossed to be female. Also the only reason scorpios was able to reproduce was that it could reproduce asexually

Scorpios is Asexual that means it does not have a gender but instead can make babies without the need of a female