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JWA Global Recruiting

We currently have some openings to join JWA Global

We’re a semi-casual alliance looking for some active members, our only rules are be friendly and complete your tournament takedowns

We reach tier 8-10 on alliance missions and rank 8 for tournaments (rank 9 for 5 weekly)

We’re on Discord, this isn’t required to join but highly recommended especially if you’re wanting to raid

Speaking of raids we complete every rarity and have a core group who help with multiple apex raids

Please get in touch if you think you’d like to join :slight_smile:

Hi @CarlBuz. Can I please join? I am a level 11 player and I can do tourneys. I have a few legendarys on my team.

Sure thing @vineshjaguar. If you’re eligible for tournaments and are an active player we’d be glad to have to

Thanks @CarlBuz ! I will share my profile right now.

Hello! I’m looking for a new team. I’d be honored if you could accept me.
Here is my profile:

Invites sent to you both :+1:t3:


Thanks @CarlBuz !

I don’t think I got the invite @CarlBuz. I requested to join the alliance.

Hi @CarlBuz . A glitch happened and I got kicked out of the alliance. I sent another request to join. Can you please accept? Thanks.

No wasn’t a glitch, you were removed.

You seem to be requesting to join several alliances trying to get the highest rewards you can, which is fine but not someone we want in our alliance


Hi @CarlBuz . I’m really sorry. I won’t do it again. Could I please be let back in the alliance? I’ll contribute to everything.

whoopsies greed for rewards

Also I just try to join the alliances with friendly communities not because of the reward.

Dude you were trying to join another whilst in ours :joy:

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How? 10char @CarlBuz

You were trying to join another alliance here on Discord while a member of my alliance.
Which again, is totally fine just not the sort of person we’re looking for

I was actually trying to get into another alliance because I wasn’t sure if you were going to accept me. Sorry for that. @CarlBuz Could you please let me join? Thank you.

Wasn’t sure? You were already in.
Laters dude :wave:t3: