JWA Gps Lag


Anyone on here have a gps lag while playing?
I play on an android device. Have been playing PoGo just fine without a lag issue and I figured JWA would be fairly similar.
Turns out I like this game more. Battles and drone launches beat tapping a screen randomly to maaaaybe get the pokemon any day :joy::grin:
Back on topic:
The second I am off Wi-Fi or try to play as a passenger in the car, my gps will glitch and stay stagnant. I could be three to four blocks away, and will still be at home on the game… Any help or suggestions??


That happened to me in PoGo at a gym. I didnt mind as i was at work a half hour away and could spin / catch stuff for hours lol


Some devices don’t use a bona fide GPS system as such, but rather base it on your location as calculated between the various cell antenna towers you are in range of (& as a result you are at the mercy of your carrier & some are better than others). If you trust your device’s GPS hardware, then one gimmick I’ve used with some degree of success is to take my device (in this case my mobile phone) & make large, slow, flat figure 8 movements. Yes it looks goofy, but it can help a device to better pick up the orbiting satellite signals to function correctly (of which you need to be receiving a signal from at least 3 at the same time). If your GPS is cell tower based, this trick won’t help & all you can do is move to a new location.