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JWA Growing Pains

We all know about the huge wall between the High Legendary level dinosaurs and the extremely difficult to obtain Unqiues and how the Unique wall often takes months to climb. Seeing as I’m currently in that climb, having created and leveled Indo, Thor, and Tuora, but not yet gotten all of the ingredients for Magna, Tryko, Erlidominus, and Rinex, I’m looking for advice on how to speed up this process since I’ve been playing since May. Are scent capsules worth buying in order to get the ultra rare Dracorex and Kentro? I’m getting frustrated with the grind, so any help will be appreciated.

uh, I don’t think any scents are worth to buy except there are specific dino roaming on that time (in my case, there was Tenontosaurus’ week around 2 couple week ago so I really bought 3-4 rare scents just for raising more chance to get tenontosaurus since it’s park spawn)


Epic scents can make a difference. Sometimes they are disappointing and you don’t get what you want, but sometimes you can get a bunch of epics from it. It’s a gamble. My last epic scent pulled 3 or 4 epics but only 1 Erlik.


Uniques a practically locked behind scents ATM but at same time alot of them are duds so it’s a bit like Russian roulette, my tip use rare and common scents the epics are costed so high and have worse rates overall for useful spawns so when a rare or common fluffs it’s better than a pricy epic scent fluff, what I mean by worse rates is epics will often spawn multiple no hybrid epics whereas a rare or common if they spawn an epic it will be fuseable no need for secodonto spinog2 etc. Ludia may eventually make hybrids for the useless ones but if non existent scolo is anything to go by don’t count on actually being able to use any of the dud epics!

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Scents are important to get specific dinos. But I would say it’s perfect when you have to finish some and you need only specific dna.

The most important epic DNA income for me is just the time I spent to play and how I play it. You could play 4 hours but if you don’t do it in an optimized way it will not worth it. You need luck as usual and optimization.

For scents for example you need to know daytime to hunt and know in what area you need to go. For example I have multiple parks in my city but there’s one that happens to be in a L1. And since I haven’t finished Thor and Tryko yet and still looking for extra Darwin it’s the perfect spot : anky, kentro, sino and Darwin in one place. Plus as a bonus it’s nice place to walk :+1:
The difficult part is how to get daytime dinos when you’re working at daytime? Best move by Ludia :+1:

My advice would be to run multiple scents to offset the ones where you get bad spawns… Just like the fuses where I do them by batch of hundreds (10 I hate you :broken_heart:)

PS : or you could find yourself in a L5 and then you won’t need scents, luck or optimization at all. I heard that when you fuse in a L5 you never get a 10 :thinking: :thinking:


Is there any other way to optimize hunting? I didn’t know about the parks being in locals so that was really helpful :):grinning:

I always put on scents street across from park to get the current locale spawns and park spawns in same scent alot of the park spawns help build unique! you can also walk in between spawns to make 2 Dino’s spawn per spawn(something like 50m movement at least in the 2 min window) just don’t move when they spawn(halt movement like 5 seconds before each 2 min spawn) and catch first one, second will still be there after if you didn’t move! Doubles the amount of spawns in any scent!!!

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The real hard part comes in fusing, I have come up with a theory based on some youtubers research that yields results, but I’m not sharing cause my last trick got nerfed after doing so!

I’ve found myself better when I use tramways or any public transportation : you see tons of spawns (only way to find more wild epics) and you can dart them all along. And bonus when it’s something with regular stops you can easily go out, walk to the epic / rare / thing you need and then come back and continue the ride.

Happy to help :hugs: good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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Public transit. Is a huge help. So is patient. Just remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.

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