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JWA Guest Dinos (Idea)


Wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do but, eh, let’s spark some discussion. I’m gonna try and make some of these when I can, and I’m gonna do the ones I know. This is only for fun, and this comes from my idea of having “Guest Dinosaurs” that we can battle in a similar fashion to this game’s park building cousin, though instead of the dino reviving itself, we’re battling for as much dna as possible. Here we go!

Vertigo (Primal Rage)
Damage: 1690 max
Health: 4230 max
Speed: 110
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%
Rarity: Epic

Bio: Vertigo is the Queen of Insanity. A sorceress that was sealed away in the moon, the meteor that smashed into Earth weakened the barrier enough for her return. A mix between Sellosaurus and King Cobra, Vertigo is not one to cross.

• Nullifying Strike
• Venom Spit (same as Distracting Impact)
• Hypnosis (Stun enemy for 1 turn. Delay 1. Cooldown 2.)
• Wrath of the Queen (2x damage to enemy. Slows down enemy for 2 turns. Decreases enemy attack for 2 turns. Delay 2. Cooldown 3.)

Won’t lie, this one was hard. I’m still honestly not sure, but this is the best I have for her.

Dinos Doing Things
Dinos Doing Things

Armadon (Primal Rage)
Damage: 1548 max
Health: 5020 max
Speed: 107
Armor: 20%
Critical: 10%
Rarity: Epic

Bio: This Guardian of Earth backs down from nothing. He will do everything in his power to make sure any and all evil is stopped to keep the Earth balanced. A Chasmosaurus with a goal, crossing him is the last thing you’ll do.

• Minimal Stunning Strike
• Thagomizer
• Long Protection
• Keep the Balance (2x damage to enemy. Nullify all good ans negative effects. Delay 2. Cooldown 4.)

This one actually wasn’t too bad to do. In the games, Armadon is one of the slowest chars, but he knows how to give a beating when you’re not careful. This is tame compared to what he can really do.


Diablo (Primal Rage)
Damage: 2040 max
Health: 4666 max
Speed: 105
Armor: 0%
Critical: 20%
Rarity: Epic

Bio: After being sealed away in a fiery prison, Diablo wants nothing more than to see the world burn. This fire-breathing Tarbosaurus loves hosting death matches, though appears to have a disdain towards Ingen. Diablo will work with humans, for now.

• Armor Piercing Strike
• Ferocious Strike
• Exploit Wound
• Flames of Hell (2x damage to enemy. DoT 3 turns. 5% chance stun. Delay 2. Cooldown 4.)

Okay, Diablo was a little tough because I dudn’t want him to be a Tarbo on steroids, but I think he’s a sailless Spino on steroids. Oops. Oh well, it’s only a thought anyway. But I did wanna keep a theme of Diablo being unfair as h311 since it’s what he lives for.


Sauron (Primal Rage)
Damage: 2020 max
Health: 5100 max
Speed: 103
Armor: 0%
Critical: 30%
Rarity: Epic

Bio: A T-Rex that fights for good, but suffers from an unending hunger, Sauron will be troublesome even for the most experienced. He will gladly clean up any mess left behind by other dinosaurs, though he has trouble devouring the innocent.

• Armor Piercing Strike
• Primal Scream (1.5x damage to enemy. Shield for 2 turns. Cooldown 3.)
• Defense Shattering Rampage
• Jaws of Hunger (2x damage to enemy destroying all shields and bypassing armor. DoT for 2 turns. Delay 3. Cooldown 5.)

T-Rex on steroids. Nuff said.


Talon (Primal Rage)
Damage: 1820 max
Health: 2400 max
Speed: 132
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%
Rarity: Epic

Bio: Talon is all about survival, and has quite the bone to pick with Ingen. He works together only with those of good intention and will punish any wrong doers. He only gets particularly violent when his raptors are threatened.

• Slasher (same as Strike)
• Frantic Fury (same as Pounce)
• Short Protection
• Survivor’s Code (Cleanse and heal. 2x damage to enemy. Delay 2. Cooldown 4.)

Trust me, this guy’s worse than Armadon in the games. It fits too well.


Death Dodo (Jurassic World: The Game)
Damage: 1800 max
Health: 3645 max
Speed: 130
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%
Rarity: Legendary

Bio: This massive bird is out for blood! Ingen’s greatest threat, it is not recommended to approach it, unless you’re ready for a losing battle!

• Minimal Speedup Strike
• Rampage
• Adrenaline Surge
• Instant Charge

I tried, lol. Only a thought. As for its rarity, I was gonna have it fused but, there’s not much here that’d fuse well. So it’s a Legendary without being a hybrid for a change.


I think I figured out how you get DNA from battling these guys. The amount you win depends on rarity, similar to hunting. The list is as follows:
Legendary/Unique: 10dna/battle
Epic: 15dna/battle
Rare: 20dna/battle
Common: 25dna/battle

I think that’s pretty fair. You’d be able to battle them as much as you like within a 24hr period at the cost of 10coins/battle. If you don’t have the coins, you could offer up 10dna from a dinosaur of your choosing.

Again, it’s just a thought, but I think it’d work out nicely. The battle arena can even be that of the one from Jurassic World: The Game, or some other iconic spot, like San Diego.


Damage: 2009 max
Health: 4800 max
Speed: 120
Armor: 5%
Critical: 10%
Rarity: Epic

Bio: The biggest snake that ever lived, coming across this massive constrictor meant certain death. 48ft and 2500lbs of pure muscle, even certain dinos had problems.

• Contrict (same as Strike)
• Instant Strike (same as Instant Charge)
• Death Grip (Enemy immobilized for 2 turns. Delay 2. Cooldown 3.)


Yeah, that thing is one helluva nope rope.


Titanoboa is probably the only one here whose stats aren’t based off an existing dino. And also probably the weakest.


Yeah, but still… A handler trying to keep it out of a Rex paddock would be like, “Damien! No! Drop it! Drop the Rex, Damien!”


…and the auto-filter bot strikes again…


I hate that bloody thing.


Damage: 1800 max
Health: 4000 max
Speed: 106
Armor: 5%
Critical: 10%
Rarity: Epic

The legendary Lochness monster can feel increased tension and is ready to defend her home.

• Splash (1x damage, 30% speed loss for 2 turns; does not stack)
• Impact
• Short Defense
• Cleansing Impact


Only if those of us in Scotland get it first :roll_eyes:

And it’s Loch Ness

Seriously though is mythical creature included now… if so I want a unicorn.



Damage: 2000 max
Health: 5000 max
Speed: 104
Armor: 5%
Critical: 20%
Rarity: Legendary

Fusion: Plesiosaurus + Lochness

An ancient Plesiosaurus, Loch brings a lot of trouble to the roster. It prefers to live in solitude.

• Splash (1x damage, 30% speed loss for 2 turns; does not stack)
• Strike from Below (simikar to Defense Shattering Ramage)
• Nullifying Rampage
• Adrenaline Surge


You live in Scotland?
Lol, you haven’t seen the rest of my list.