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JWA has been slowly transforming into something that is not as good or as a fun as what it originally was. speed boosts and a few broken creatures, either through design or accessibility, have ruined it

i began playing JWA because i’m a jurassic park fan and because the game was fun to play when i was out and about. (and much more fun to play than pokemon go when not in the city.) over time, it has had less and less to do with jurassic park and i have found myself staying indoors to play much more than going out to play or, even better, playing when i am already out. that wasn’t the point.

i’m glad that i play as a collector and not as a competitor. at least, after two years of dedicated play, i have my end-game of unlocking all creatures within sight. i can’t imagine the frustrations that come along with actually caring about progressing in the arena, which is a fool’s errand. the amount gained for the amount invested steadily decreases as the game goes along, which, unfortunately, has always been part of the game’s design. to make matters worse, the arenas and the tournaments have basically become non-stop indoraptor gen 2 battle simulators, which has entirely warped the meta and decreased the amount of creativity and diversity in team building. where’s the fun in that? facing the same uphill battle or the same opponent over and over again is not rewarding or intellectually stimulating.

without significant changes in the upcoming version, i am on the brink of quitting or outright deleting my account until it improves. this is not the emotional reaction of a salty tween. this is the objective and reasoned decision of a grown man who can see this game for what it has become. spending an hour or two per day is a lot of time (fifteen to thirty days per year) to dedicate to anything, let alone to playing a mobile game that i now play mostly out of habit and a sense of sunken cost and rarely out of enjoyment. imagine the skills that could have been developed, the experiences that could have been had, the memories that could have been made, or the good that could have been done with the same amount of time. it’s borderline tragic.

JWA has been slowly transforming into something that is not as good or as a fun as what it originally was. speed boosts and a few broken creatures, either through design or accessibility, have ruined it. JWA is intentionally unwinnable, addictive by design, rigged for certain outcomes, and, when it goes dark, will leave nothing to show for the time and money spent on it.


While I agree with much that you say, I also think they must be doing something right.

The reason I say this is that I as a 59 year old, my wife, our son and all the alliance members I have spoken to are all still active. That’s saying something as my family began playing 2 years ago and are still going strong.

Do we get upset by boosts, and op dinos? Yes of course we do, but we still play and we enjoy the interaction with our alliance and the tasks involved. None of us like the arena much as we haven’t got massively boosted teams so don’t fare too well.

So perhaps the team based stuff, the collecting, and the slow grind in the arena is enough for us to keep playing. I know for myself I’ve never played any other game for this long!


i agree with you. i play as a collector because i understand that trying to compete in the arena is a fool’s errand. larger and larger amounts of effort to remain competitive result in smaller and smaller gains. that being said, i still need to earn my daily incubators and, although i don’t have a problem getting my ten kills within twenty opponents, which is what should be expected, it is tiresome to always have to battle against the same three or four overused creatures.


i play as a collector now. its a shame really. the arena is what drew me to this game over POGO (other than dinosaurs) I’m just around to complete my dex and hang with my alliance. maybe level the occasional creature.


Speed boosts completely ruined the game


Many of us are in your situation. Those of us who are excited by this game like no other and who see that it is increasingly frustrating and more tiring. At first it was just hunting and fighting and it was fun. Little by little, there was nothing to hunt, more and more dinos (exclusive) and the arena became tedious not only because of the boosts but also because of the appearance of disproportionate dinos like Indo2 and Yoshi and in his time the goat . The Yoshi and Indo2 tournaments have ended up ruining this game. It remains to be seen if the new version offers something new … although in reality I don’t want anything new !! I just want what I already had a year ago !! the illusion of being able to hunt something useful, improve my team and evolve … and not the current situation. Nothing to hunt and only “administrative” tasks (passing 4 times a day through the sanctuary for 4 months to catch mammoth, go to donate to the alliance and ask for something from the alliance although in my case they cannot give me anything useful, do the routine daily, get 10 knockdowns on weekends in nauseating championships, …).


The epic and legendary skill tournaments are getting annoying. Entelomoth and Indom gen 2 are too far above anything else in their leagues that make those tournaments really fun, and then the teams are almost always the same

And the Yoshi tournaments are even worse … and more for those who, like me, decided not to evolve any of the three.


I’m still having fun…
Haven’t had as much time to play as I’d like, though. This pandemic has me workin like never before, so I’m struggling to make time.
But yeah, still having fun.


I stopped playing this game about a year ago, partly for some of the reasons you mentioned but specifically because they added boosts into the game. Once that happened I decided to stop making excuses and quit.

Since the pandemic has been working it’s magic I’ve started playing again and have begun to enjoy the PvE elements that first got me hooked when I started playing. I’ve not returned to the PvP and I don’t intend to. I despise the Arena and have never looked into the tournaments, they simply don’t interest me and with all the other additions that have made it in to the game, frankly it would be an act of insanity for me to even try.

I’ve always said that this game needs a PvE arena for those of us who play the game to have fun. In a PvE arena you would only fight bots which means you wouldn’t earn trophies which keeps the PvP arena relevant for those people who care about such things.

Chances are that after Father Nurgle has finished having his fun I’ll probably stop playing again, since what elements of the game actually interest me are often ignored in an effort to gouge more money out of the player base. At least thats how it appears to me.


Ya Valar we kinda noticed from the 12 months ago.
Well this game is still “fun” in the majority when it’s not OP Rats or Nitro Boosted. I’ve noticed that many are quitting ir getting ready to quit or not as quite often being online. I recommend that you take a break for a month or update and everything will seem a bit newer, helped me…

Next update needs to be good to keep me iv just cancelled vip for the first time since releasing.
Iv been sitting around 5100 in arena for over a year now how am I ment to go higher


There is no point trying to play a pay2win game competitively, that is valid for every game. Some will say they can and will win through dedication and hard work, which is maybe a bit sad in the grand scheme of things :frowning:
However, I don’t think boosts have ruined the game, contrary to popular belief. Boosts are, in theory, a solution to the lack of diversity and creature viability this game has - and possibly the main source of income for Ludia. If it wasn’t for the horrible matchmaking in the game, you would probably never feel like boosts are ruining it. With or without boosts, you could never win impossible matches anyway… and while in theory, boosts CAN give you a fighting chance in such matches, more often the matchmaking algorithm makes things even worse by picking opponents who are MORE levels than you and MORE boosted than you :smiley: (and of course, you lose more trophies in such matches, regardless of what the tooltip on the loading screen says).
I think there are generally two cases in which you won’t feel the power of the mighty matchmaking that much:

  1. you are a beginner and you just started climbing the arenas
  2. you have mostly lvl 30s in your team so the opponent is at least always around your level (or less, which of course most of you wouldn’t mind).
    If any of these isn’t your case, then welcome to the no-fun zone.

All that being said, I still have hope that fixes are on the way. Remember when Ludia kept changing the spawn rates for daily dinos, area dinos, proximity spawns etc. etc… Well, after some updates they finally nailed it, at least in my opinion. Of course, there is still room for improvement (zone rotation, giga scent changes, event drops missing every now and then…) but I think most of you would agree, spawns are looking good now, so Ludia CAN actually deliver proper fixes.

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I think there are too many prox (hidden) spawns. I like to know there is definitely something in that direction rather than aimlessly walk in hopes i find something. I’m more inclined to stay out longer if i know what’s around. If i don’t see anything, i’m not gonna take the route that has me going 10+ minutes longer for a maybe spawn. This could be solved somewhat with something like a radar. Doesn’t even have to specifically say what that creature is, just that it’s over in a general direction and it doesn’t show until you’re on top of it.

I stopped playing after they ruin everything.