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JWA has lost its magic

JWA is a good game. When I started out, I was addicted! The game has gotten less fun over time, and I might quit maybe in the next month or so.
Too many bugs, RNG based situations, and overall: too much disappointment.
I would enjoy an update though.
Maybe therizinosaurus as an epic…

Thoughts on the game at the moment?


I still enjoy playing it, even though my play-time has drastically lowered.


Werent you in a similar thread like 4 days ago saying how awesome this game was and telling others to stop being so negative for similar comments?

What has changed for you since then?


Just starting to see more rng, and realizing that the game isnt dinosaurs, its hybrids.
It’s not fun, its anger.


I’m new so I’m still kinda enjoying it. but I think based on your reactions, you all seemed bummed out. I do like the fact that I can exercise while playing this game but it’s rly downsizing my interest when I see stuff like these. IDK. maybe I’m just a big fan of the whole jurassic park/ jurassic world arc that I want everyone to have fun. idk maybe it’s just me.


At least you finally noticed some disappointing points happened to me for several months.
Though I’m still playing for it’s a dinosaur game.


See i think this games biggest issues are are based out of the idea there needs to be a bottom tier of dinos… if all dinos could bring something to an end game teams this game would only benefit… uniques only need to have a better moveset… fusing them could be alot less frustrating for players as well. Sadly this is not the case with most of the time. And im not sure ludia will ever go that route.


I like hunting and creating dinos more than PVP battle.

So the main problem for me is…
There’s no any massive dino migration after ver.1.3.
Don’t know why they’d rather do some minor event spawn (like Purrulyth or Dracoceratops ingredients) instead of adjust local & global spawn list per month.

I don’t think any “dinosaur lover” could still feel interesting and attracted after seem Diplocaulus for 6 months.:thinking:


Yeah why we cant have real migrations is beyond me they move a few around and call it a day.




Spot on.

Problem is you need Dino A to create Dino B and then Dino C.

When you later on have dino C the Dino A+B are not used.

Instead developers could give Dino A+B more skills if you want to upgrade them more. This means, when reaching lvl 20 you can unlock better skill and at level 25 even better. In this way more dinos could be played.


Problem is to many players only play to reach the top. Instead I recomend to play for fun, try different combinations and maby even play in lower leagues. Level up some funny commons and rare and try them out!


The lower arenas are by far the most fun ones. So many different dinos that variety makes it way more intresting.


What gets me is the absolute reliance on random chance. Not just the battle RNG, but incubators, coins from the chests (at least the last few days), the xmas presents, spawns, even the stops. At no point to you ever feel on equal footing. Either you are flying high or getting dragged in the mud. For me, that is just crushing after this many months.

The satisfaction of getting a good roll is dwindling, while the epic inbubators full of seco and concav are just as expected. I actually notice I’m a more negative person around this game.

Not ready to move on yet because I love the subject matter, but the grind is starting to feel like a chore instead of entertainment.


Cuz if they did so as we all wanted, everyone will have a nice spread of most dinosaurs and no one will need to buy incubators… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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But every incubator would be worth buying… so some people would be more likely to buy them.


I enjoy the game here and there but find myself less and less invested. I rarely hunt anymore but rather collect while doing other things. I, like so many others, am at a point where I have plenty of this ingredient or that but NEVER see 1 making it virtually impossible to make certain Dinos. I like the PvP but today at 4800 trophies Ill face teams of lvl 25 dinos, tomorrow theyre all level 27. Im not complaining mind you, simply saying its a choice between my GF or JWA at times. Ill still play but I cancelled VIP and I am unlikely to ever spend money again

This is why I drop arenas. I love using different things - but even more, I love facing different things. The 4800+ range is pretty much the same 5 or 6 dinos with a couple personal favorites thrown in. (That being said, I only have a couple of the usual suspects, and have not created 4 of the most common ones up there - Tryko, Thor, Diloch, and Erlidom).

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i’m in the same spot, i don’t know why but i’m every day less interested in the game, i have reach lvl 20 get some uniques, and now it’s complicated to lvl up those uniques because the dna issue, also i don’t know why but instead of get more resources on the supply drops i get less than before and i’m taking the double time to try to get the coin limit.

I think that the little details can make the difference in the game, yeah i know it’s a very new game but maybe a lot of players are facing this

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The magic is virtually gone for me. All I see is RNG and I don’t even feel good facing opponents and having good crits or then missing a stun. I have been on the other side of that and I know how they feel. I thought that the hunting part would keep my interest but I have yet to see one gryposuchus this week. The epic spawns are abysmal and I am extremely frustrated with the non random RNG.

I had a dream last night :sleeping: that I was physically chasing a irl sinoceratops… this game has definitely not lost its magic for me :rofl: My sleeping patterns supports this :raised_hands:t2: