JWA hybrid battle #1!

Today is a new JWA battle series featuring battles!
These battles wont be based on the creatures in game stats and will be based on how it would look in real life and their weapons
So the first contestants will be…Dakotanops and Acrocanthops!
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I will make story to go with who I think would win but will make a poll to see your opinion on the matter. So anyways, let’s get to the creature profiling then the battles!

First, is the Dakotanops, its parent species are the Gorgonops and the Dakotaraptor. This hybrid will use the Gorgonop’s size of 1.2 to 2 meters. It is fast and agile like the Dakotaraptor while being small and light framed like the Gorgonops.

Next, is the Acrocanthops, its parent species are the Arctops and the Acrocanthosaurus. It will use the Arctop’s size of around 2 meters. It is more muscular and has very strong jaws like the Acro. It is slower than the Dakotanops.
Alright, that’s enough talk, now on to the battle!
In a savanna in some far away land, an Acrocanthops eats from the carcass of an unknown dinosaur. It begins to become aware of being watched from the tall grass around it, it’s being stalked. Suddenly, a figure darts out of the grass and bites it in the flank, yowling in pain it jerks around to confront the attacker and is greeted with a slash to the face, stunning it and allowing the Dakotanopsto bite it more. The Acrocanthops recovered and slashed the Dakotanops with a powerful blow to the head causing it to roll sideways. The Acrocanthops walked over to it, and bit it hard on the neck, killing it instantly and securing it a win in the first Hybrid Battle!

  • Acrocanthops
  • Dakotanops

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