Jwa Hybrid Battle #2!

Welcome to the second official Jwa hybrid battle!. In the last battle we saw the Acrocanthops face off with the Dakotanops which ended up with the Acrocanthops winning with a bite to the neck. But now is a new day which means a new battle! Today in the battle arena, we have Thoradorlosaur vs Tyrannolophasaur. I will insert a poll to see your opinion. Now without wasting anytime and get to the creature profilling!

First we have the lean, green, and mean, Thoradorlosaur! The Thora is a large a theropod at around 39 feet long and 11,000 pounds. It has a large prominent frill for defense and has a very strong bite.
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Next we have the Tyrannolophasaur! The Tyrannolophasaur is around 45 feet long with a large frill on its head like a dilo and a very powerful bite.
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Now that we have a basic explanation of the species, time for the battle!
In some distant desert, a Tyrannolophasaur travels in the heat, looking for water. As it crests a hill, it notices a large green shape at a small watering hole. A Thora! The Tyrannolophasaur charges the the Thora and bites its flank, causing the Thora to spin around and headbutt the Tyrant. The Tyranno responds with another bite, biting the armored frill of the Thora, protecting the green theropod. The Thora bites the Tyranno on the head and throws it on the ground. Due to its small arms, it can’t get up and is stuck, Allowing for the Thora to go for a neck bite and finish the battle, Thoradoralasaur wins!

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  • Tyranno

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