JWA Hybrid Battle #3!

Today in the battle arena we have Smilonemys vs Ceramganus! These two are very interesting duo because they are very different so for a fair fight, I will use a pack of 3 Smilonemys. So without wasting anytime let’s keep it quick and move on to the creature profiling.

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The Smilonemys is large Siberian Tiger sized creature with a noticeably tough hide and long canine teeth. They are known to travel in small packs to take down larger prey like Mammotherium. They are quite aggressive with decent intelligence thanks to Smilodon DNA

The Ceramagnus is a large herbivore that usually travels in large herds. The Ceramagnus is essentially a larger furry Sinoceratops. They like to graze in mountains tundras.

That’s enough talking , time for fighting!

In a large mountain tundra, a lone Ceramagnus browses through grass searching through for its favorite food. It perk up as it hears growling behind it. As it turns around a Smilonemys jumps on its face and is immediately impaled on the Cera’s massive nose horn. Sharp pains pierce it’s flank as the other two Smilonemys clutch on to its hide ripping through its skin. They mange to rip open its hide and cause its organs to spill out, ending the fight. Smilonemys wins!


really nice content!

Great fight but I feel that magnus would have won

Thank you!

Yeah maybe, I’m going to try improving the quality and details on content in later battles but yeah it could go either way for me

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