JWA Hybrid Battle #4!

Today in the battle arena, we have Entelomoth vs Tuoramoloch!
So without wasting anytime lets get to the creature profiling!
Up first is the mammoth pig Entelomoth, Entelomoth is a hybrid between Entelodon and Woolly Mammoth. It has sharp teeth and long, powerful tusks that can stab and flip over enemies as well as uproot plants.

Next is the Tuoramoloch, a hybrid between Paramoloch and Tuojiangosaurus. Its back is covered in large, sharp spikes. It also has a spiked, hard head that it can use for head butting.

               Now, Time for the battle!

In an ancient forest, a Tuoramoloch grazes on some fallen apples. An Entelodon notices the lone herbivore and approaches it. The Tuoramoloch rears up threateningly, showing off its dangerous spines. The Entelodon rams into the herbivore and knocks it down. But the Toura is quick to its feet, headbutting the Entelo and causing it to fall in a hole that is deep enough to break its leg and a few ribs. The Entelo tries to get up but is headbutted back down by the Toura, who then goes down into the hole and begins to pummel the Entelo to death. Touramoloch wins!

  • Touramoloch
  • Entelodon

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