JWA Hybrid battle #5

Welcome to Jwa Hybrid #5, Thylacotator vs Mammolania! This shall be very interesting. Now without wasting any time let’s get to looking at the contestants!

First up we have Thylacotator! Thylacoloator is a hybrid of the hybrid Suchotator and the non-hybrid Thylacoleo. It has sharp teeth and strong jaws with very sharp claws. It is an agressive semiaquatic predator.
Next, we have the Mammolania. A large Rhino like crreature that is a hybrid of the hybrid Mammotherium and the non hybrid Meoilania. It has a very tough, armored hide with short tusks and a large, sharp horn.
Now, let’s get to the battle!

In a jungle somewhere far away, a Mammolania is grazing. When…Pow! a Thylacolator pounces on its flank, causing it to stumble and nearly trip, the Mammolania throws the Thylacolator off of its flank and turns to face the aggressor. The Thylacolator charges the Mammolania launches itself towards the Mammolania. Wham! The Mammolania charges forward and impales the Thylacolator on its horn, killing it instantly. Mammolania wins!