JWA Hybrid battle #6!

Today in the battle arena we have Ankylos Lux vs!
This will most likely be a short battle because of the major differences in the two creatures. So without wasting time let’s get to the creature profiling.

First, we have the Ankylo Lux, a very armored, and very powerful ankylosaur. With armored spines on its back and a spiky-club tail, the Ankylos Lux is one of the most formiddable herbivores around.
Next, we have the Proceratothomimus! A small feathered hybrid. The Proceratothomimus is very fast with a nasty kick that can easily kill some of the smaller carnivores that could threaten it.
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Now moving on to the battle!

In a desert, a lone Proceratothomimus fiercly defends a water small shrinking water hole. An Ankylos Lux approaches it and the Procerato kicks out at the lumbering beast. The Ankylos responds with a swift tail slap that impales and kills the Procerato. Ankylos Lux wins!
But who do you think would have won? Vote below.

  • Proceratothomimus
  • Ankylos Lux

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Honestly the Procerathomimus didn’t stand a chance


Yeah, I don’t think anyone will disagree with the results on this one