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JWA Hybrid Lands: creature trailer

(this is just an Idea I had in my head, what if I were to do realism with JWA hybrids. Hope you enjoy)


spinonyx: 57ft 10 tons, found in swamps

quetzarion: 13ft 400 pounds, found in dense forest

thorodolosaur 35ft 3.7 tons, found in grasslands

alloraptor 19ft 1300 pounds, found in light forest

smilonemys 12ft 1200 pounds, found almost everywhere

(more carnivores will be in the actual series)


dracoceratops 15ft 1500 pounds, found in light forest

gigaspikosaur 70ft 40tons, found in grassland

stegoceratops 32ft 4.5 tons, found in forest

mamolania 18 ft 1ton, found near mountains

dusungia 22 ft 2 tons, found in grassland

(again this is just a sneak peek)

what do you think?

  • I would love to see this
  • sound pretty decent
  • it’s ok
  • I don’t like it, but do what you wish
  • never, ever do this, it sucks

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again, this is just an idea, I’m hoping it will become something…

is there going to be a carnivore near the mountains, we need to see that mammolania be killed. He’s too ugly to stay alive.


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don’t worry, I got plans…

Erlik is a carnivore

really? is there evidence on this?

The in game discription says so

ok, I’ll edit it

Perfect, also I adore the idea

glad to know that people are supporting this (BTW I changed it so that it’s Draco not gamma)

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ep 1 will come out later today