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JWA Hybrid lands Ep 1: Clash of Tyrants

In an unknown time, dinosaurs ruled the earth again. but these weren’t just normal dinosaurs, they creatures weirder, stronger, and faster than anything ever known, this is Hybrid lands.

We start of in a swamp lush with vegetation, a purolyth is currently fishing for large cod. However, he is not alone, the purolyth runs in fear from what is behind him. Standing 16 feet tall and weighing 10 tons is spinonyx, the largest land carnivore ever. luckily, the purolyth can escape, the spinonyx was only being territorial, he is also a fish eater, just on a much larger scale. this swawp is full of dinosaurs such as bajatodon, pyrotator , and spinonyx, its normal a peaceful environment, however that can easily change. meanwhile just outside the desert other predators lurk. this so happens to be a tyrannolophosaur, a 40ft giant, it is hunting edmontogunadon. the tyrannolophosaur starts crouching trying to get as close as possible to its prey. one the endomontoguanadons spots it, they all start panicking, the tyrannolophosaur chases after the elder edmontoguanadon they both run through the trees leading them to the swamp, a place that is not ruled by the tyrannolophosaur. the edmontoguanadon gets away, but the tyrannolophosaur is confronted with the spinonyx, they both don’t want to risk a fight, they start of by roaring at each other, they both back down no injuries to either creature. the tyrannolophosaur is starving, luckily it notices a carcass of a dead young ardentismaxima, but it is guarded by two madjungosuchus. the tyrannolophosaur is sick of being hungry, it charges in, the madjungosuchus attack as well, they immediately hit the tyrannolohosaur but it is unfazed, the tyrannolohphosaur bites one of the madjungosuchus neck easily breaking its neck. the other madjungosuchus runs away and the tyrannolophosaur eats well with a side of victory.


this toke me 15 minutes to wright, hope you enjoyed.


I had redue the first version of this because it was wayyyy to similar to planet dinosaur ep1 lol.

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XD :laughing: it like dinosaur planet :rofl:

@CADEN_EPIC, you joine dmy alliance discord. Are you in the alliance? how did you get in?

I love it, the only thing that bothers me are the typos. Read the story before you post it and you’ll have a champion time!!

IDK how that happened, there was a discord that showed I was in that I had not seen so I left. and plus I have my own alliance.

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