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JWA Hybrids (How To Strain Your Dragon)

Magnapyritor, (or Magentapyritor as I call it) has been cited by many as being the “Purple Dragon.” True, it does have some resemblance to actual dragons, particularly a Drake, but a few other creatures beckon the dragon image. To me, Alankylo and Stygidaryx resemble Wyverns. What do you guys think? Any hybrids resemble dragons to you guys?

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I think you got the main few.
Darwezopteryx kinda resembles an Amphiptere (feathered dragon). Maybe Pteraquetzal as well.

Erlikospyx and Spinotasuchus are pretty draconic. Gorgosuchus and Megalosuchus are a bit drake-like. Come-on, we can keep going…

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The first dragon type Alankylosaurus :slight_smile: love any dragon type creatures :dragon_face::dragon:

I guess I’m pretty dragon like, with my crest and thin teeth

Monolometrodon. I’m kind of sad that its unique is just a rhino. Expected something cooler.

I drew paramoloch as a carnivorous dragon


just joking! This little guy came up with the idea, and drew the masterpiece


Behold! The dracodactylus

Made by ditto, and here is the closeup

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