JWA Ideas: Troodon Gen 2

Troodon Gen 2
It’ll look like it’s JWE Model and will also be brown like it but it will have vampire fangs and will be the first Gen 2 to look different. Also it sucking blood from others was inspired by quillanlockard


Blood drink needs a cooldown of 1 turn. Also 95% of crit resistance should be increased to 100%


SmilodonTroodon: :smiley:

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I think it should be a two-three turn cooldown

get rid of the heal as well,

Unfortunately I don’t like this idea…at all. No offense but Troodon in Alive is bad and this makes it all the more worse :joy:

Tell him to make it legendary.

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Legendary or not Troodon in Alive will be always one of the worst looks in Alive unless they implement the model from JWTG…which won’t happen obviously.

Boi Ludia needs to buff Troodon.

In what game? If its JWTG I think its perfect the way it is. In Alive maybe the look and a small buff

Alive is what i’m talking about.

What about the model from Evolution

I fee like its shouldn’t have swap in heal

It’s supposed to be a vampire dinosaur so that’s why

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Still get rid of the heal

I think you should get rid of the swap in, DOT for blood drink only 15 or 5%, make the heal 15 or 5% of targets max hp, then it could be interesting